“Ex-Director of the Novosibirsk Opera, Mastic headed the Moscow “Practice”

– Boris Mesaric, head of Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre, was appointed Director of the Metropolitan center of experimental theater, the new drama “Practice”, reported “Interfax” in a press-service “Practice.”

“According to the order of the Department of culture for the position of Director of the Praktika Theatre from 7 August appointed Boris Mastic”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Another order, according to him, Dmitry Brusnikin on the same day, transferred as Director to the position of artistic Director. “The Statute of the theater changes: introduced as artistic Director, and pinned donachie in the management of the theatre”, – said the press service.

Opera scandal

Culture13 APR 2015СКР refused to initiate a criminal case against the creators of “tannhäuser”Read more

In 2015, Opera theatre of Novosibirsk was in the center of a scandal in connection with the performance of the Opera tannhäuser directed by Timofey kulyabin. In the author of the Christ was presented as the hero of the erotic film “Venus Grotto”, which in the course of action takes Tannhauser.

The diocese requested the deletion of the Opera from the repertoire. The Prosecutor’s office of Novosibirsk filed against kulyabina and theatre Director Mestica case the article “Deliberate public desecration of religious or liturgical literature, objects of religious veneration, signs or emblems of ideological symbols and attributes or their damage or destruction.”

In March 2015, these administrative cases were dismissed for lack of corpus delicti. The Prosecutor’s office appealed the decision, but then withdrew the protest. March 29, 2015 order of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, Mastic was fired. March 31, the new Director of the theatre Vladimir Kekhman took “tannhäuser” from the repertoire.

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