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The founder of the company for the production of electric cars Tesla Elon Musk said he thinks the withdrawal of the company from the stock exchange at a price per share of $420. Quotes Tesla after application, the Mask rose

Elon Musk

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American entrepreneur Elon Musk has made the transformation he founded the company Tesla from public to private when the value of its shares at $420 per share. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“Think about the Tesla output from the stock exchange at $420 [per share]. Funding secured,” wrote Elon Musk.

In response to a question from one of users can Mask their statements, the businessman said: “Yes, < … > It would get rid of many problems.”

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After these messages quotes Tesla on the exchange jumped 6.5% to $363,4 per share, notes Reuters. Musk did not immediately respond to a request for clarification. The company also has not responded to the request of the Agency about the seriousness of the statements of entrepreneur.

Currently Musk is the owner of approximately 22% stake in Tesla.

Earlier Tuesday, the Financial Times reported that sovereign wealth Fund of Saudi Arabia, controlled by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has accumulated a stake in Tesla in size from 3 to 5% in the amount of about $2 billion, says Bloomberg.

“I think Tesla belongs to the posts in Twitter as a public disclosure. I believe that he [Elon Musk] is serious,” — said in an interview with Reuters analyst Chaim Siegel Elazar Advisors.

The idea is to make Tesla private is of vital importance, according to the managing partner of the venture capital company Loup Ventures gene Munster. “Elon Musk wants to run a public company, — quotes its words Bloomberg. His mission is great, it’s hard to adjust to the quarterly expectations of investors. Our assumption that there is a chance of one in three that he can do it [buy a company]”.

“I would like to see where they are going to get the money for this”, — said in an interview with Bloomberg, a senior analyst with Navigant Research Sam Abuelsamid. “I certainly understand why he wants to do it, given the complaints about him last year from the sellers of short positions and those who are betting against the company. So he, of course, there are good reasons from a personal point of view to want to make the company private. But I don’t know where it will take money,” he repeated.

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