“Omsk HC Avangard home games in the season 2018/19 spend in Balashikha

– The home arena of the Avangard Omsk in the season 2018/19 Continental hockey League will be near Moscow “arena Khimki”, the press service of the club on Wednesday.

“As you know, the situation with the two arenas in Omsk at the moment, not allowing our team to start the season on home ice. The club had to look for options for moving the last few weeks we have dealt with this issue. Visited the arena, including in Krasnoyarsk, in Mytishchi, Balashikha, conducted a comparative analysis and came to the conclusion that it Balashikha will be “Avant-garde” optimal variant”, – quotes the press-service of Omsk in the words of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of HC “Avangard” Alexander Krylov

“For the suburbs, saying several factors. First, it’s a big army of our fans living in Moscow, here and those born in Omsk, and those born in the capital, but due to the family tradition of rooting for Avangard. In Krasnoyarsk too like hockey, but fans of “Avant-garde” there is very little. Second, the “arena Khimki” – the current stadium, everything is adjusted for all necessary for us destinations, while the platinum arena is only rented, and there, in fact, all the processes need to start from scratch. Thirdly, logistics. We have it all figured out, in the case of moving to Krasnoyarsk “avant-garde” would be the fourth club by remoteness for all NHL teams”, he added.

“To Krasnoyarsk from Moscow to fly for five hours, besides, in this city, we could only play up to the start of the playoffs, since March 2, there will be Universiade. There was another option with Mytisci, but there is already conducting their Euroleague basketball club “Khimki”. Given the very tight calendar of the KHL and other related matters associated with site, place two clubs from different sports “Arena Mytishchi” impossible,” – said Krylov.

He stressed that the move “Avant-garde” to “Arena Balashikha” – “workaround”.

“On “Arena Omsk” continue the work of the experts will soon give you their professional opinion. The results we report, as well as in the CCM name of Victor Blinova, where it is also under examination. Will do our best to return as soon as possible”, – he said.

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