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The US refused to cooperate with Russia in the fight against hacker attacks on the infrastructure. Not interested in Washington and cooperation in the fight against interference in the elections

Photo: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg

Russia before the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in Helsinki proposed to the American side of the large-scale cooperation for the prevention of computer sabotage of the infrastructure and the intervention of hackers into the internal politics of other countries, reports the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to two Russian and one American sources.

In particular, Moscow proposed the joint work of the responsible official bodies of the two countries to protect against cyberattacks objects, from whose smooth operation affects the health and safety of citizens.

The American side, according to interlocutors of the newspaper, first showed interest. The idea was to include this item in a joint statement after talks in Helsinki. First, however, Washington concluded that it was “counterproductive” to sign any papers with Russia, and then refused the offer of Moscow. As a result, in the United States was not even ready to receive Russian guarantees of non-interference in elections.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper The Washington Post, the White house produced a document that will allow the us President to impose sanctions against persons who interfere in elections in the United States. This is done shortly before the Congressional elections, scheduled for next autumn.

Michael carpenter, who worked in the Obama administration, says that prepared by the White house document does not change the behavior, if she really decides to intervene in elections. In his opinion, the administration is trump just trying to show that “at least doing something in this direction.”

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