“The British Museum will return to Iraq of stolen ancient relics

– The British Museum this week will return to Baghdad a collection of ancient relics, whose age is about 5 thousand, informs on Thursday the newspaper The Guardian.

The antiquities were stolen from Iraq in 2003 after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Later, British police seized these relics middleman in London, who was unable to provide official documents proving his legal right to possession, and handed over to the Museum for analysis.

It is noted that the decision to transfer to Baghdad this collection was followed after the experts of the British Museum was able to establish not only its place of origin, but the Church from which they were stolen in Iraq.

The collection includes ceramic objects and marble charms.

It is expected that on Friday the British side will transfer these values to the Iraqi Ambassador to the UK Saleh Hussein Ali.

“Such cooperation between Iraq and the UK plays a crucial role for the preservation and protection of the Iraqi heritage,” reads the statement of the Ambassador of Iraq published on Thursday by the British Museum.

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