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Cash dollar in exchange for a day has risen by 1.4–2 rubles, and the Euro — by 1.5–2.5 Maximum road RUB currency was in the morning — in some exchange offices the selling rate of the dollar exceeded 69 rubles, while the Euro was offered for 80 rubles.

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The rate at which you can acquire cash in Sberbank, the last day rose 2.19. and by noon had reached 67,73 rubles per dollar, follows from the data of the savings Bank. Maximum expensive the dollar was in the morning around 10 o’clock — 68,33 RUB selling Rate of exchange of dollars into rubles increased by 2.02 RUB, to RUB 64,46 for dollar (maximum 65,20 RUB for 10:30 GMT).

Euro by noon in Sberbank can be purchased for 78,39 RUB (+2,48 rubles per day), and to exchange for rubles for RUB 74,75 (+2,3 rbl.). The maximum value of the rate of cash Euro was made up of 79.13 and 75,59 RUB for the sale and purchase respectively.

What happens on the financial market of Russia. The main thing


In exchange, VTB at the rate of cash currencies were slightly lower for the purchase/sale of cash dollars at the 12:10 GMT it was 64,55/67,60, the Euro 75/78,05 RUB Earlier quotations, the Bank does not publish.

According to the service RBC in the market of currency, the buying rate of dollar in exchange offices of Moscow the day grew on average by 1.43 RUB (to RUB 65,16) sales — 1.31 RUB (to RUB 66,76). The average is derived on the basis of information from more than 200 Metropolitan exchange points. Some of the exchangers at 10 am teased the cash price to $ 69,40 RUB, but there were those who were willing to buy them from the population above the market for 66,14 RUB.

Euro at the Moscow exchange at 12:00 GMT on average sold for 77,34 RUB (+1,66 rubles per day), and bought for 75,60 RUB (+1,5 roubles). In the morning a number of exchange offered EUR 80 RUB.

The dollar fell below 66 RUB after a sharp rise


Growth in the value of currency is observed on the background of sharp growth of exchange rates on the stock exchange because of the threat of introduction of new US sanctions against Russia. So, on the morning of 9 August the dollar rose above 66,5 rubles, returning to the figures almost two years ago — November 2016. To 12:00, the ruble has played a bit of loss down to the level 65,93 RUB.

The day before, on August 8, the rate of ROS on the data about the possible introduction of sanctions against Russian state-owned banks. And in the evening of the same day Washington announced the introduction of sanctions against Russia in connection with the “business Skripal,” which the US interpreted as the use of chemical weapons by Russian security services in the UK. Moscow all charges in the poisoning of ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal denies. The first package of sanctions the us plans to introduce in the beginning of the third decade of August. He, in particular, implies a ban on the supply to Russia of dual-use electronics. A second round of sanctions — more stringent, calling for a ban on foreign trade relations with the United States — can be started, if Russia for three months will not be able to provide guarantees of non-use of chemical and biological weapons.

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