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The ruble after the start of trading on 9 August continued to fall amid reports about new U.S. sanctions against Russia. The dollar exceeded 66 rubles, the value of the Euro at the opening of trading broke bar in 77 rubles.

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According to data from the Moscow exchange, by 10:01 Moscow time the dollar rose to 66,25 rubles, 71 kopecks. above the closing level of the previous trading session.

As of 10:02 GMT, the Euro rose to 80 kopecks, to RUB. 76,93 In the next 15 minutes the value of the European currency broke the bar in 77 rubles, reaching a level in 77,23 RUB for Euro. But later came the correction, and by 10:40 Moscow time the rate has dropped to 76,59 RUB for Euro.

The dollar rose to RUB 66,51, but also has continued, dropping to 10:45 p.m. 66,23 RUB.

Down with domestic currency went down and the major stock market indices. So, RTS index has overcome psychologically important level of 1,100 points for the first time since June. 10:42 MSK exchange rate since the start of trading fell by 3.2%, to 1077 points.

On the General negative background is dropped as the cost shares of most Russian companies. In leaders of falling were “Aeroflot”, in respect of which there may be introduced limitations on flights to the United States in accordance with a second sanctions package on the “case Skrypalia”. At the opening of Mosuri the company’s shares fell more than 11%. Among the companies whose shares are most strongly reacted to the negative news, also included VTB Bank (down more than 6%) and Sberbank (down more than 5.2%).

Yesterday, 8 August, Washington announced a new package of sanctions against Russia in connection with the “business Skrypalia”. The first phase of the new sanctions are expected to be introduced on August 22. Part of the sanctions under this phase will be to duplicate the existing limitations. A second package of sanctions includes, in particular, minimizing the trade relations and the ban on flights “Aeroflot” in the USA. It will come into force in case Moscow will not be able to provide guarantees of non-use of chemical and biological weapons and will not allow UN inspectors into military facilities.

Swing on the ruble: why the Russian market is believed to sanctions


Earlier it became known the contents of the sanctions bill, prepared by the group of American congressmen. It concerns, in particular, sanctions against Russian public debt and some of the largest banks. The background information August 8, there was a sharp collapse of the ruble to two-year low. By Wednesday evening the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange rose to 65.2 rubles, reaching the level of November 2016. To the closing exchange rate fell even more, reaching to 65.69 rubles per dollar. The European currency also went up sharply — the Euro for the first time in three months since early may, rose above 76. and reached RUB 76,26

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