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The Russian Embassy in the US said that the American side has not provided any explanation the state Department announced the sanctions in connection with the use in the UK nerve agents “Newbie”

The Russian Embassy in Washington

(Photo: Yuri Gripas / Reuters)

In the message of the Russian diplomatic mission in the United States, which is published on the social network Facebook indicated that the representatives of the United States informed about the new “draconian sanctions” related to the accusations against Moscow of using “Newbie”. The Embassy pointed out that “the American side has refused to answer subsequent questions”, explaining that information is classified.

“We were told that the US has enough information to conclude that “Russia is to blame”,” – said at the Embassy.

The U.S. informed Russia of new sanctions on “to business Skripal”


The Embassy indicated that Russia remained committed to an open investigation of a crime in Salisbury and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The evening of 8 August the US state Department has announced that 22 of August against Russia will be introduced new sanctions package, provided by the 1991 law on countering countries that use chemical and biological weapons. This package limits the export of dual-use goods. The 1991 law provides that if the country for the next three months will not abandon the use of chemical weapons and will not be allowed to independent observers, it will become second package of sanctions. It provides for reduction of diplomatic relations, the minimization of foreign trade relations, as well as a ban of the airline (Aeroflot) flights in the United States.

The state Department called the Moscow condition is not the introduction of the second wave of sanctions


The reason for the sanctions was the name of the alleged involvement of Russia to the case of the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the British city of Salisbury.

Russia categorically denied any involvement in the crime, insisting on an open investigation.

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