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The company requires the return of customs payments and interest thereon. The amount of the claim taking into account the payment of the state duty is 146.1 million RUB In Sheremetyevo customs noted that the company incorrectly processed applications for duty

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Russian “daughter” the Apple company “Apple Rus” has submitted the claim in Arbitration court of the Moscow region at Sheremetyevo customs office, the filing of arbitration cases.

The lawsuit was filed August 2, but the first attention it drew edition RNS. August 6, the judge rejected the claim without movement.

The definition that emerged from a recent hearing, said that “eppl Rus” challenged the decision in April, the decision of Sheremetevsky customs (not specified what exactly). The company requires the return of these customs payments in the amount of 42.9 mln RUB interest paid amounting to 103.3 million rubles, as well as to recover expenses on payment of state duty in the amount of 203 thousand rubles taking into account the payment of the state duty the amount of the claim amounted to 146.1 million RUB.

In the Sheremetyevo customs office of RBC said that the claim for customs duties on a “smart” watch iWatch. The main state customs inspector on public relations Tatyana Sokolova noted that Sheremetyevo customs has not received any official notification of the court on acceptance of a claim from a subsidiary of Apple, and the appointment date of the hearing.

According to her, the amendments to 34 of the customs Declaration referred to in the complaint, against “smart” watches was made by the customs authority “in connection with technical errors “eppl Rus” upon the filing of appropriate statements.” With the corrected statements of the company at the customs office did not appeal, she said.

“The demand of society [“eppl Rus”] for the recovery of interest cannot be satisfied due to the fact that “eppl Rus” self-paid customs payments and interest can be recovered from the customs authority only in the event of the custom action for the enforced recovery”, she added.

Sokolov said that the requirements “daughter” Apple is not subject to satisfaction as the decision on which company filed a lawsuit, was made in accordance with the laws and rules of law.

The Supreme court refused to consider Apple Watch is a simple wristwatch

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Russian “daughter” Apple tried to challenge the customs status of their iWatch: the company insisted that its watches are portable device, and the customs authorities had issued them at the border as a normal wrist watch (in the pen case, the tax is not charged, the second item is taxable). The dispute was resolved in September last year, when the Supreme court declared that the Apple Watch are complex gadgets to transfer data.

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