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Sociologists Thomas and Polls have recorded a continued decline in the ratings of President and Prime Minister. The work of Vladimir Putin has positively estimated 63% of respondents. A Figure Of Dmitry Medvedev — 24%

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev

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If next Sunday presidential elections, Vladimir Putin would have voted 45% of Russians, these data are presented in the results of a new survey, which was conducted by the Fund “Public opinion” (FOM, .pdf). In January 2018, the President’s approval rating was 67%. The last time the rating was at 45% in 2013.

Putin’s work as President positively estimated 63% of respondents. The index has not changed compared to last week.

“Of course we trust” to the President, 24% of respondents (up in 2018 was in March and 43% in the end of July — 25%), “rather trust” — 34% (at the end of July — 35%, high — 40% in January 2018). “Rather not trust” Putin 18% (compared to the end of July, the figure fell to 1%), “definitely do not trust” — 17%, at the end of July was 15%. 41% of respondents said that over the last month have become less trusting Putin. Increasing trust said 15% of respondents.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is certainly not trusted by 42% of respondents (last week: 38%) and rather than trust of 24% (25%). 45% of respondents said that they have less to believe the Prime Minister. 49% of the response to the question difficult. Positively, his work was also appreciated by 24%, 54% — negatively.

The rating of the party “United Russia” fell to 32 from 33% last week and 51% in January, the ratings of other parties in the Duma did not change significantly: the CPRF and the LDPR 12%, “Fair Russia” — 3%. Party of power “rather trust” 29% of respondents, but “certainly don’t trust” — 27%. In addition, 37% said that over the past month began to trust the “United Russia” less (12% said the opposite, undecided 52%). Negatively the activities of the party appreciated 45% positive — 36%.

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The latest VTsIOM data also show decline in the ratings of President and Prime Minister. According to the survey on August 5, the level of confidence in Putin was 35.9%. Last week, the index was at 36.7 per cent. On 29 April, the rating was 48.2%. The level of distrust was 5.5%. During the same period, confidence in the head of the government decreased from 10 to 7.2%, distrust has increased from 15.9 to 28.4%.

The “United Russia” rating, according to VTsIOM, is at the level of 34.9 per cent, may 6, he accounted for 50.7%. The ratings of other parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties over the same period increased: the Communist party — from 9.3 to 15.8%, and the LDPR with 7.8 to 11.8%, non-parliamentary parties — from 6.5 to 7.9%.

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