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The request for the imposition of sanctions against a Russian Bank “Agrosoyuz”, two Chinese and North Korean companies, as well as the banker of the DPRK, the United States last week filed to the UN security Council. Moscow has imposed on the initiative of the veto

Photo: Alexander Artemenkov / TASS

Russia has blocked a request by the us authorities in the UN security Council on the DPRK on the inclusion in the sanctions list of individuals and legal entities, including Russian Bank “Agrosoyuz”. This is stated in the message published on the official website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The Bank, according to Washington, conducts illegal activities in violation of the current sanctions regime against North Korea.

The Russian Ministry stressed that the evidence that provided the U.S. side on the Russian Bank, is unconvincing.

“The rejection cause and has already become a normal “push” methods of work in the UN security Council and its subsidiary bodies, delegations of the USA, trying to push the regime of the artificial time pressure of pleasing her decisions without due regard to the views of other members. There is also the desire of Americans to “sanctify” the authority of UN security Council 1718 just entered them under false pretenses similar to unilateral restrictions” — note the Russian diplomats.

The foreign Ministry added that the sanctions policy of the United States “is inconsistent” with the policy to reduce tensions around North Korea.

USA imposed sanctions against a Russian Bank due to the DPRK


The sanctions in question, the U.S. Treasury announced on 3 August. Under the restrictions were the Russian commercial Bank from third hundred “Agrosoyuz” which was accused of carrying out large transactions in North Korea. In addition to the Russian Bank under sanctions, the Chinese company Dandong Zhongsheng Industry&Trade Co. and the North Korean Korea Ungum Corporation. The only physical entity in the list of the Ministry of Finance became 47-the summer citizen of North Korea Jong Won, who is the representative of the Bank for foreign trade of North Korea in Moscow. It was he who, according to Washington, conducts operations through “Agrosoyuz”.

After that, the Agency Reuters, citing diplomats, reported that the United States has asked the sanctions Committee of the UN security Council to make the Russian Bank, and also all listed in the document in the black list.

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