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The head of state Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin has declared that to pay off billions of dollars of debt to the Center. Khrunichev will help the state. On the territory of which it was planned to sell for debts, build a new Star city

Dmitry Rogozin

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Night talks with the Finance Ministry

With billions of dollars of debt Centre. Khrunichev will help pay the state. On Friday said the head of state Corporation “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin, reports RBC.

“With regard to penalties and fines, the state is also willing to wait. Do not have these fines to collect in the coming months and maybe even years. Bankruptcy the question can not be in principle”, — said Rogozin.

The question RBC, what part of billions of dollars in debt are willing to cover the government, Rogozin said that Roscosmos is in the process of consultations with the Finance Ministry on this issue.

“Today before three in the morning was negotiated, today I will meet with Deputy Prime Minister Siluanov on this topic. We define the form of debt restructuring Center. Khrunichev. But a fundamental decision on this matter. How will it be? Will be solved. Either through the budget or through the transfer of the timing of payments, either through financial bonds,” — said the head of state Corporation.

As for the terms of debt restructuring, “Roskosmos” will presume that “it is necessary to make these decisions in the current budget process,” said Rogozin. He also reminded that the loan center paid a “substantial interest”. “Calculate loan burden what happens: 15 billion — the savings Bank, 15 billion — Rosselhozbank, I round, 12.5 billion bridge — loan is a web, 4.5 billion is Fondservisbank, the Corporation gave 26 billion loan. She gave, but also wants to return the money,” — said Rogozin.

Debt Center. Khrunichev

In 2017 the loss of the enterprise made up of 23.16 billion rubles, debt including in front of the VEB and Sberbank — about 54 billion rubles.

The previous leadership of the state Corporation expected to reduce the debt Center. Khrunichev due to the sale of his land in the Moscow district of Fili. At the beginning of year it became known that the Center of them. Khrunichev has put up for sale 110 hectares on Novozavodskoy street and Palace of culture named after Gorbunov. Purchasing a piece of land became interested in the mayor’s office. The city was ready to buy a pad to balance enterprise “Management civil engineering”, as part of the transaction centre was promised 25 billion roubles But deal interested in the Prosecutor’s office.

On 8 August, the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the earth’s Center. Khrunichev must remain in the ownership of the company. According to him, the assistance center could not be managed in conjunction with the seizure of his land. Rogozin also noted that the question of transfer of capacities from Moscow to Omsk. However, this can only happen after debug qualified production in Omsk, said Rogozin.

Star city

Now on the Moscow platform of the center is planned to create a new Star city. According to Rogozin, the area will be used jointly by the Center. Khrunichev and “Roscosmos” to create a big engineering center. There will be a branch of the cosmic faculty.

“It was assumed that venue in Moscow [Tsentr im. Khrunichev] will have to sell their territory to pay off debts. The President did not support this concept. Yesterday I met with the mayor of Moscow. We agreed that in September we will hold a big joint event, where we consider the question of preserving the territory of the Moscow rocket factory. We want to make a new Star city”, — said Rogozin. For that, the capital is planned to involve engineering design teams just “Roscosmos” — only 35 thousand workers, said the head of state Corporation.

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