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A documentary about Bergman, pseudospins Comedy with Mila kunis and new Chinese cartoon

Frame from the film “the Spy who conned me”Photo: “Central partnership”

– This week in Russian cinemas out of seven films, including the documentary “Bergman”, dedicated to the life and work of the famous Director, and “the Spy who conned me” with Mila kunis and Kate McKinnon. “SKAN-Interfax” analyzed which movie most often mentioned in the media.

The first line of the rating took the “Bergman” directed by Jan Magnusson mentioned in the media during July-August of the current year 415 times. Picture dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the birth of the legends of world cinema of Ingmar Bergman. Special attention in the film, the Director has given the Maestro’s work in 1957. It was in this year, Bergman made famous “the Seventh seal” which took an award at the Cannes film festival in 1957, and the masterpiece “wild strawberries”. That made Bergman great, tell his family and colleagues.

The following line is a action Comedy “the Spy who dumped me, “directed by Susanna Fogel, who scored 366 references. This film is a parody of the novel by Ian Fleming “the Spy who loved me” (the story of the same movie “James Bond” with the book is not the same). In the new Comedy the ex-boyfriend of the heroine of the film Audrey (Mila kunis) turns out to be a CIA agent and pulls the girl and her friend Morgan (Kate McKinnon) to spy game.

In third place is the horror film “Meg: Monster of the depths” (180 references) Director John Hartlaub, in the center of the plot a long fight with special effects in between the sea monster Megalodon (extinct shark) and the members of the expedition, which includes Chinese oceanographers. The film’s protagonist Jonas Taylor (Jason Staten), which have previously met with the monster, once again puts his life in danger, dare to come to the aid of researchers.

In fourth place Chinese cartoon “On the other side of the ocean” (143 references), reminiscent of the work of Hayao Miyazaki. Heroine – the girl yuna, which is sent from the magic world to people and unwittingly becomes the cause of the death of a boy fisherman.

Fifth place with 59 references took the adventure cartoon “In search of Bigfoot“. According to the story, an aspiring detective, Nelly and anthropologist Simon intend to prove the existence of Bigfoot. To do this, they travel to the Himalayas, of the diary of the missing Explorer will help the heroes to get to the lair of the Yeti.

Less than 50 times in the media mentioned the Thriller “Evil” about a married couple that seeks the assistance of a parapsychologist to avoid the influence of some evil entity. Completes the rating of the cartoon “Little big hero“, which tells about the life of monkeys Sunny, which will become a hero to save new York and his friends.

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