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Commenting on this measure, the US President said that relations between the two countries now bad

Donald Trump

(Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters)

American President Donald trump ordered twice to raise tariffs on aluminum and steel from Turkey. The leader of the USA wrote in his Twitter account.

“Against Turkey, I just sanctioned the raising of two times of the duty on steel and aluminium, while their currency, the Turkish Lira, plunges against our very strong dollar!” — wrote trump. — Duty on aluminium will be 20% and 50% for steel. Our relationship with Turkey is now bad”.

1 August the US announced sanctions against the Ministers of justice and internal Affairs of Turkey over detention of staff of the us diplomatic mission, including pastor Andrew Brunson. Under arrest, he is still from October 2016, accusing him of supporting the movement of Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen and suspected of espionage and attempting to overthrow the government. “We see no evidence that Brunson has committed a crime, and we are confident that he was the victim of unfair and illegal treatment by the Turkish authorities”, — said the official representative of US state Department Sarah Sanders.

Ankara has urged the U.S. government to abandon this “erroneous act”, called him hostile and promised to respond to sanctions. This response was the decision by Turkey to freeze the assets of American Ministers of justice and internal Affairs on the territory of Turkey.

Thursday, August 9, the Turkish Lira showed a record decline against the dollar, falling to a historic low. Turkey’s leader called on citizens not to worry with the words “don’t forget, they have the dollars, but with us, our people, our God.” On Friday, the Lira continued to decline, the rate at the time of trading fell to the level of 6.47 Lira per dollar. After the announcement of trump about the doubling of fees Lira accelerated the decline, 16:39 GMT fall by the close of trading on Thursday constituted 18,16%.

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