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To lead the “Revival” can a member of the management Board of VTB Bank and head of the BM-Bank Gennady Soldatenkov. VTB in talks to purchase “Revival” at the request of the Central Bank, but the deal has not yet issued

Gennadiy Soldatenkov

(Photo: Nikolai Tsyganov / Kommersant)

The new head of the Bank “Revival” can become a member of the management Board of VTB Bank Gennady Soldatenkov, according to “Vedomosti”, citing sources both in one and in the second Bank. That “Revival” will lead Soldatenkov, knows another close to the Bank, the interlocutor of “Vedomosti”.

Soldatenkov from 2011 to 2015 he served as the first Chairman of the Bank of Moscow, after it was bought by VTB. Then, after joining the Bank of Moscow to VTB and rename it to BM Bank, he became its President and Chairman of the Board. With the end of 2016 includes Soldatenkov, VTB Board.

Mediation: who will help VTB to buy “the Revival”


That VTB may acquire a “Revival” in may 2018 was announced by the head of VTB Andrey Kostin. According to him, to think about this transaction, VTB has asked the Bank of Russia. He also said that in addition to the “Renaissance” in the interests of VTB may enter some regional banks.

Kostin also said that “Revival” can be purchased at a price less than the Bank’s capital (for the first quarter of 2018 equity “Revival” was 24.5 billion rubles).

In early June, Vedomosti, citing its sources reported that negotiations on purchase of “Revival” came to the “finish line”, but officially, the deal has still not been announced. Senior Vice-President of Bank Dmitry Pyanov was noted that the negotiations “for the acquisition of certain banking institutions” has not yet ended “with the signing of legally significant documents.”

VTB declined to comment on Vedomosti “potential appointments” to the purchasing decisions of “Revival”. The Bank also noted that the parameters of the deal are still being discussed, said the response of the state Bank. The representative of the “Revival” at the request of the newspaper not responded to the comments of the CEO of “Revival” Mark Nakhmanovich edition also failed.

Bank Vozrozhdenie until December 2017 belonged to the brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev, they controlled fell under the reorganization of the PSB.

After the reorganization of the Central Bank PSB Ananyev ordered to reduce its stake in the Bank to 10%, while the regulator has stressed that the claims against the Bank not. In the end, Dmitry Ananiev and related companies (six of them) were as at 5 February 52,72% of “Revival”.

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