“The fees announced for the match of the 2018 world Cup on the First channel amounted to 783 thousand rubles

The full amount he promised to send to charity, and he decided to finish commenting

– A famous Russian football commentator Vasily Utkin said that he had received from the First channel, the fee for the live of the match of world championship-2018.

“The money came First for the world Cup. I myself was wondering how many there will be. I forgot to ask; well, I was offered to work at the world Cup in my country – what am I to bargain something, will,” wrote Utkin on Facebook. And announced the amount: “783000 rubles.”

“As has been said – all earned money will get the Foundation out,” – said the commentator.

“Worked I less than thought. One match. How many turned out. So will my championship. Well, that is nobody’s fault,” wrote Utkin.

On the First channel Utkin commented on the match of group B Portugal – Spain (3:3). After that report, without specifying the reasons, he said that will no longer be here to broadcast matches of the world Cup.

As for the royalties from the First channel, Utkin has promised to send it to the Fund before the end of the week. “The ticket will publish,” wrote a commenter on Facebook.

Utkin also said that the “finished review”. “A) much; b) don’t want to ask for;) a good point. Renounce silly, but now I absolutely do not want to return to this thankless work. And I don’t want to waste time on trifles – in all senses,” he wrote.

“I was lucky to support a good cause. I’m very happy,” said Utkin.

Vasily Utkin has long headed the Directorate of sports broadcasting “NTV-plus” and was one of the faces of the channel “Match TV”, which started broadcasting in autumn 2015. After some time he left the channel. In 2016, he managed to comment on football on Eurosport and live in different pubs of Moscow. Since January last year, he collaborated with the RBC channel. In may 2017, has announced a long break from my commentator career, within three months of its renewal.

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