“The organizers explained the lack of information about the Banksy exhibition in Moscow

The artist himself said earlier that has nothing to do with this exhibition and takes money for the acquaintance with their creativity

Photo: TASS, Anton novoderezhkin

– About the ongoing exhibition of works by Banksy in Moscow, the painter street art is unknown, while the organizers assumed that it can cause negative reaction of the author, and I hope that it will be visited by 300 thousand people.

The famous artist has published in his instagram a screenshot of correspondence with an unknown author. In correspondence Banksy said that he knew nothing about the exhibition in Moscow and noticed that it does not take money for viewing their work.

“We never identified this exhibition as organized or coherent with Banksy. Moreover, in all the interviews we just talked about that our exhibition can cause a negative reaction. What Banksy has drawn attention to our exhibition, indirectly confirms the importance of this event and for him too” – said to “Interfax” the producer, the organizer of the exhibition Alexander Nachkebia on Wednesday.

Publication from Banksy (@banksy) on 15 August 2018 at 9:00am PDT

He noted that a full ticket at the exhibition in Moscow is eight pounds, and not twenty, as stated in instagram from Banksy, in addition there are special categories.

“Collection of works gathered from private collectors, who have the right to display the artist’s work at exhibitions. We are the solely authorized work – no pieces of walls, a vandal cut against the will of Banksy. All works have certificates of authenticity. To bring his work to Moscow, especially to the Central area, to agree on the 70-metre-high banners for a few months to convince collectors that work came back, it was very difficult. And we are very pleased that we have succeeded,” continued Nachkebia.

He noted that at the moment the exhibition has been visited by 252 thousand people, and 95 percent of comments left by visitors, positive.

“At this rate we come to 300 thousand visitors, and this means that the Moscow exhibition of Banksy is the most visited exhibition in the history of all of Banksy’s exhibitions, including those organized by him personally. I am very pleased that through this exhibition about Banksy and his projects have learned many Muscovites and guests of the Championship (world Cup – if)”, – Nachkebia concluded.

The first solo exhibition of works by Banksy opened on 2 June in the Central House of artists (CHA).

In the collection presented to Muscovites and guests of the city, includes about 100 exhibits, including street objects, rare prints, photographs, original artwork, existing in a single copy. The exhibition consists of collections Lilley Fine Art, several modern art museums and private collections more than 30 collectors.

The exhibition runs until 2 September.

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