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Communications Ministry proposes to introduce new requirements for SIM-cards, which involved installing the FSB-certified crypto. The Ministry of economy costs estimated at more than 83 billion rubles.

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Communications Ministry proposes to introduce domestic cryptographic protection in the communication networks, the text of the draft order, which read “Kommersant”. The proposed office will require the transfer of Russians to the new SIM card.

The demands made by the office, due to “Spring law”. According to the draft order, the identity of subscribers must be held by a certified FSB encryption. Thus, the SIM card becomes its status by certified means of information protection, which leads to the impossibility of their sale in the normal way.

As pointed out a source in one of operators, now SIM cards are purchased from two manufacturers that establish their system of cryptographic protection. The belief that the keys to this protection, producers will not give foreign intelligence agencies, in what the Agency saw the need to go to certified FSB remedies. “The Ministry of communications proposes to install on SIM cards purchased abroad, and on network equipment of the operators of local means of cryptographic protection that will provide greater security. But these operating systems yet on the market”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to “VimpelCom” are listed in the draft order, such changes will require all market participants cost 5 billion rubles. At the same time, in the opinion of the Ministry of economy on a draft order States that the requirements can lead to purchasing the appropriate equipment at the rate of one unit for every 10 thousand subscribers. Given the current number of users of cellular communication in Russia we can talk about costs in more than 83 billion rubles.

In addition, the Ministry of economy reacted negatively to the consolidation of the necessity of using SIM cards for communication. “In fact, proposed in the part of SIM cards regulation to freeze technological development of the sector, prescribing the mandatory use SIM cards, while the global trend of recent years is the abandonment of this format equipment,” — stressed in the Department.

According to “Kommersant”, even in the case of the passage of the project, despite estimates given in the opinion of the Ministry of economy, the order will not entail the need for a one-time replacement of SIM cards in Russia, because of already issued SIM cards it does not apply.

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The so-called law Spring against the organizers of information dissemination in the Internet (these include instant messengers, forums, social networks and Dating sites, etc.) came into force from 1 July 2018. The amendments made to them in legislation are anti-terrorist in nature. In particular, the “law of Spring” will require companies to store traffic (records of conversations, messages, images, videos, etc.) within six months. At the request of government agencies, leading operational-investigative activities or ensure the security of the country, companies are required to provide stored information.

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