“The Moscow city court left under house arrest Serebrennikov until mid-September

Artistic Director of “Gogol-center” is under house arrest from 23 August last year

Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

– The Moscow city court on Thursday extended the term of house arrest of the artistic Director of “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov, the Director accused of embezzlement of budget funds.

“Renew in respect of a government measure in the form of house arrest for a period up to 19 September,” – announced the decision of the judge.

At the hearing, the investigator stated that, being at large, the silver may attempt to hide from the court, and to exert pressure on witnesses in the case.

Protection Serebrennikov had previously applied for release under monetary pledge, however court has considered it impossible to elect against the Director of this measure.

Serebrennikov himself recalled that “the theatre, called the house arrest,” lasts in his life.

“This year the consequence has not presented any legitimate reason that would justify my isolation from society. I can be proud of, because the project “Platform” is extremely important for companies. After reviewing all volumes of the criminal case, I realized the absurdity of it. This is a real massacre of undesirables Director” – he said in court.

During the hearings, protection Director has also stated about the presence in the materials of the criminal case of falsification of the Protocol of interrogation of witness Larissa Vaikinai June 14, 2017, in which there is a significant divergence from her previous testimony. A similar statement was made by the lawyer of another defendant in the case, former Director of the “Gogol-center” Alexei Malopolska.

Previously Basmanny court of Moscow has obliged the government until September 1 to get acquainted with criminal case materials. In early August the Moscow city court upheld the extension of house arrest of the Director.

The case of the “Seventh Studio”

Only in the case as defendants are six people: Serebrennikov, Malopolski, former General Director and chief accountant of ANO Yuri Itin and Nina Maslyaeva, producer Ekaterina Voronova, and also former head of Department of state support of art and folk creativity Ministry of culture of Russia, Director of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT) Sophia Apfelbaum.

The defendants in the so-called “Seventh Studio” are charged with theft of 133 million rubles (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code), allocated in 2011-2014 based Director of the Autonomous nonprofit organization (ANO) to implement the project “Platform”.

Massieu case is allocated in separate manufacture as it only pleaded guilty, signed a plea agreement and testified against his former colleagues. Voronov went abroad, her case is also allocated in separate manufacture, it is declared in the international search.

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