“”Crazy rich Asians” became the most successful Comedy in US box office for three years

– Comedy “Crazy rich Asians” from Warner Bros. topped the box office in the US and Canada last weekend, according to BoxOfficeMojo, it earned $25.2 million

The film, in which all the main roles are played by actors, Asians showed the best debut weekend for a romantic Comedy in three years.

The film received a high ranking authoritative website Rotten Tomatoes (92%) and positive reviews of many celebrities. It is noted that Asian Americans made up 38% of the audience of the film, although they are usually the average share is 6%.

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The leader of the previous week, the film “Meg: a Monster from the depths” with Jason statemem, slipped to second place with $21.2 million is Just a movie about a giant prehistoric shark has earned $83.7 mn in the US and $315 million in the world with a budget of $130 million.

Also last week made his American debut picture “Club of billionaires” with Kevin spacey, previously accused of sexual harassment to the actors were men.

The film was negatively received by the public, many have called to abandon his car because of the scandal. However, the producers have decided to release it on screens, and eventually he earned a debut in American theaters for only $126. At an average price ticket of $9,27 we can assume that he looked in the movie about 13 people. In the world of the film has made $1.48 million, of which Russia accounts for us $793 thousand In Russia, the picture looked 170 thousand.

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