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The former head of the Supreme Council Khasbulatov claims that former Vice-President Rutskoy of Russia learned about Yeltsin’s attempt to escape to the U.S. Embassy during the coup of 1991. Rutskoi then “was not even close,” says Khasbulatov

Ruslan Khasbulatov

(Photo: Roman Demyanenko / TASS)

Former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation Ruslan Khasbulatov in a conversation with RBC confirmed the information about Yeltsin’s attempt to escape to the U.S. Embassy during the coup of 1991. About this earlier said Alexander Rutskoi, a former Vice President of Russia.

“It is a fact already known. Correctly says Rutskoi, the only witness was me. He [Yeltsin] was trying to convince me to run with him. When I refused, he too was forced to withdraw. [Yeltsin] will not just offer [to run] and persuaded: “Give, and not what will kill us in half an hour the storm” — and so on. I said, “You’re probably right, you have a single President, let’s go to the Embassy, and I have 500 deputies — I can’t leave them”. When he saw that the Chairman of the Supreme Council doesn’t want him to run to the Embassy, he did not dare,” — said Khasbulatov.

According to Khasbulatov, he said Rutskoi about Yeltsin’s attempt to escape to the U.S. Embassy. “He [Rutskoi] was not a party to this case, he knows from my words and from my descriptions, as well as many others. Rutskoi nothing to do with it, and it was not close” — said Khasbulatov.

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The former head of the presidential security service of Russia Alexander Korzhakov told RBC that Yeltsin refused to hide in the U.S. Embassy during the coup.

“My Embassy has agreed that if the assault, I’m his [Yeltsin] will hide either in the basement of the White house or the U.S. Embassy. When these events began, when the boys died, I woke him up, pulled him to the first floor. When they opened the gate, he says: “where are we?” I said, “Well, you told me, so I decided: or to the Embassy — 200 m or in the basement.” He said, “No, I’m not going anywhere. Better in the basement.” Still, the topic was closed forever. He wanted to escape, on the contrary, I tried to persuade him, and he said, “I Climbed into the basement.” And there he stayed all night,” he told Korzhakov.

Previously, Rutskoi said in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that during the August coup, Yeltsin went to the “booze” and tried to escape to the U.S. Embassy. According to the former Vice President, he gave Yeltsin to hide in the Embassy.

18 Aug 1991, a group headed by Vice-President of the USSR Gennady by Anavim and KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov announced the establishment of the State emergency Committee (GKCHP) with the goal to prevent the signing of the Treaty establishing the Union of Sovereign States on the territory of the USSR. They also announced Yanayev acting President of the USSR. In Moscow declared a state of emergency. Against the emergency Committee were, in particular, Yeltsin, Rutskoi and Khasbulatov. The state Duma granted Amnesty to participants in the putsch in 1994.

Rutskoi and Khasbulatov during the events of 1993 when Yeltsin disbanded the Congress of people’s deputies and the Supreme Council, spoke out against the President. Khasbulatov was later arrested, but released in the framework of the adopted in February 1994 Amnesty. Also from-under guards have been released Rutskoi.

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