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The Navy needs ships capable of carrying helicopters, said the head of Ministry of industry and trade. But helicopter “in the pure sense of the word” like “Mistral” Russia will not build

Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Russia is not going to build for your Navy helicopter. The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Mantrov declared in interview to Agency “Interfax”.

“Issues related to the construction of an aircraft carrier for the Russian Navy, are currently under discussion, and on the construction of the helicopter I can say that helicopter in the pure sense of the word will not build,” — said the head of Department.

Thus, according to him, the ships capable of carrying helicopters, to be present in the Navy of the country. So, aircraft carriers should also be equipped with a helicopter wing, and the landing ships must be present helicopters as a means of landing, said Manturov.

Talking about the building of Russian helicopter came after France because of the Ukrainian crisis broke a contract with Russia for the supply of “Mistral”. In may last year, the defense Ministry announced that in 2022 the Russian army will be able to receive and adopt the first domestic helicopter. According to Yuri Borisov, who at that time was the post of the Deputy Minister, the construction of such ships was incorporated in the state program of armaments.

Six months later, in January, the government adopted the State program of armaments for 2018-2027 years. Its cost is estimated at more than 19 trillion rubles in Accordance with the provisions of the state planning Commission, for the Navy to be built two helicopter equipped with the latest marine helicopters Ka-52K “Katran”. And at the end of June, the Deputy commander of the Russian Navy armament, Vice-Admiral Victor Borsuk stated that the design and construction of helicopter carriers will begin in Russia after 2020.

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