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The allies Britain needs to impose stricter restrictions against Russia and to respond “with one voice” on any violations — from those that happen on the streets of Salisbury, to those that decide the fate of Crimea, said the head of the British foreign Ministry

Jeremy Hunt

(Photo: Stefan Wermuth / Reuters)

The British foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt, speaking on August 21 at the Institute of peace in Washington, is going to encourage EU countries to impose tougher Russia sanctions — block, as I am sure the Minister must stand “shoulder to shoulder” with the United States, which this month will strike Moscow, new economic constraints, reports Reuters with reference to the available excerpts from the speech of the hunt. The Guardian says that the visit to the United States for officials will be the first after his appointment to head the British foreign office (this happened in July).

During his speech, the Minister, as noted by Reuters, is going to emphasize that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has made the world a “more dangerous place” and that after the attack in the UK using nerve agents, the EU should provide the Moscow greater pressure to ensure the observance by Russia of international norms.

“Today, the United Kingdom asks of its allies to go further and urges the European Union to ensure that its sanctions against Russia was comprehensive”, says hunt. Just as, in the opinion of the head of the British foreign Minister, the unit will be able to demonstrate that he “really stands shoulder to shoulder with the United States” in the issue of anti-Russian restrictions.

“This means that [we] must respond with one voice whenever, if ever and will ever occur violations of [poisoning] on the streets of Salisbury to [the solution of] the fate of the Crimea”, will emphasize during his speech, the British Minister.

The Kremlin has assessed the impact of upcoming US sanctions against Russia


Also during his speech, as indicated earlier, it is going to point you to other threats that Britain sees the world. Attention hunt, in particular, will pay attention to China’s policy, noting that “with economic power comes political responsibility.” Chinese authorities official plans to criticize them for their inaction in the Crimea and use of chemical weapons.

Another package of sanctions against Russia, the United States should be August 22. In the middle of this month on the website of the United States Congress was published by senators bill for more anti-Russian restrictions. He, in particular, involves the imposition of sanctions on the purchase of Russian government debt, as well as the possible blocking of the accounts and transactions of Russian banks in the American jurisdiction.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, in response to the corresponding document, said that the introduction of such restrictions is comparable to the “Declaration of economic war”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in turn, noted that such a “restriction, of course, to the detriment of the entire international trade”.

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