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The most important US citizens consider an attempt to improve relations between Moscow and Washington. This idea was supported by 58% of Americans. For tough diplomatic and economic measures against Russia has been only 36% of respondents

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The majority of Americans are to the US authorities in the current environment, continued attempts to improve relations with Russia, and was taken against her tough diplomatic and economic steps. This is evidenced by results of poll of the sociological service Gallup.

According to them, the first idea was supported by 58% of respondents, and the second spoke only 36% of respondents. While those who closely follow the news about Russia and watched the presidential election in the United States in 2016, I prefer sanctions, say the sociologists.

So, with reports in the media about the US presidential election and the possibility of Moscow’s intervention in this campaign, as specialists have found out, the closely watched two-thirds of Americans, while 33% of them said that watching the story “very closely”.

However, we are confident that Russia had not intervened in the presidential race, only 16% of Americans, the majority — 75% — hold the opposite point of view. While opinions on the effect of this intervention among the latter were divided: 36% of respondents believe that Russia intervened in the campaign, but it did not affect its outcome, while 39% of respondents reported that, in their opinion, “the Russian intervention” changed the results of the presidential elections in 2016.

The last position, as indicated by representatives of Gallup, “very firmly” adhere to United States citizens who follow the election news.

The views of Americans on US policy towards Russia, according to analysts, also vary depending on the degree of their attention to the electoral history of 2016. Most of those who closely follow this topic (53%) say that, in their opinion, it is important that the United States took severe economic and diplomatic measures against Russia, another 38% of respondents believe that better States to try to improve relations with Moscow.

Trump has called the conditions for lifting the sanctions against Russia


Those who pays less attention to stories about the presidential election, on the contrary say that the United States should try to establish relations with Russia.

Most of meddling in the election campaign in Moscow, according to a Gallup poll, blame the Americans who hold democratic views. That Russia intervened in the election and changed their course, confident 78% of Democrats. Among Republicans with this idea, I agree only 9%. Most share the position of this party (58%) believe that Russia interfered in the elections, but it did not change the outcome. In General, almost every third Republican idea of Russian intervention in the us presidential race of 2016 rejects.

In July, after a meeting in Helsinki with President of Russia Vladimir Putin the US President Donald trump said that Moscow, according to him, ceased to interfere in the internal Affairs of the United States. In Washington, this idea of the American leader has criticized the senators. Thus, the politician, in their opinion, discreditied the work of the intelligence community of the United States.

Russia, as claimed by July 24, Deputy U.S. Secretary of homeland security Christopher Krebs, still continues to be active in relation to the US mid-term election to be held in November. This year she claimed the official, aimed at strengthening the socio-political contradictions. In Moscow, the first of these accusations has repeatedly denied.

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