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Lawyer Milk Cohen, who for many years was in the closest circle of President Donald trump, pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation, learned CNN. He is accused of fraud and tax evasion

Michael Cohen

(Photo: Richard Drew / Reuters)

A former lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty and made a deal with the investigation, CNN reported, citing sources. According to the publication, Cohen presented himself to the investigators.

According to Fox News, the terms of a plea deal are not yet known. Cohen is accused of tax evasion, violations related to the financing of the election campaign trump and fraud in the banking sector.

According to Fox News, the deal could include a prison term of three to five years, according to CNN, it is also about making a significant penalty. Investigators are examining the involvement of the priest in the taxi industry in new York and investigating the circumstances of the receipt of loans totaling more than $20 million, reported The New York Times. The investigation must establish that it is not distorted if Cohen the value of their assets when applying for loans.

In addition, the attention of investigators was drawn to possible irregularities in the campaign financing of the trump associated with payments to women for their silence. In January, the WSJ reported that a month before the US presidential elections in November 2016, Cohen agreed to pay former pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford $130 thousand under the agreement to disclose information about the alleged intimate relationship with trump.

Another story connected with the payments of the former Playboy model Karen Mcdougal, who said that she had an affair with trump in 2006, shortly after trump’s wife Melania gave birth to a son. In July 2018, the lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani confirmed the existence of audio recordings, where trump discusses the payments personally from Cohen. Giuliani then said that the recording lasts less than two minutes, trump didn’t know his record, but the President, according to the lawyer, did nothing wrong.

Trump called the result of his collusion with Moscow to be the most transparent in history


The FBI agents were wiretapping the phone conversations of Cohen a few weeks before the raids, which took place in early April in the office, home and hotel room of a lawyer. The searches took place on 9 April, the FBI seized personal correspondence between counsel and the clients.” According to attorney Cohen, Steven Ryan, investigative actions were initiated by the office of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Muller for almost a year and a half trying to find evidence of the collusion of the team trump with Moscow before and during the presidential campaign, but while he has failed to present any evidence of its existence.

The Committee on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives who had access to classified materials, come to the conclusion that Russia’s intervention in the elections took place, however, the collusion team trump with the Kremlin do not exist in nature. Moscow has repeatedly denied all allegations of collusion.

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