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In the Kremlin management on ensuring activities of the state Council, which oversees Sergei Kiriyenko, can come a new Deputy — Boris Rapoport, one of the former curators of the LC and the DNI, who worked under the supervision of Vladislav Surkov

Vladislav Surkov and Sergey Kiriyenko

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To return to the Kremlin

In the Kremlin management on ensuring activities of the state Council — one of four that are run by the first Deputy head of the presidential administration (AP) Sergei Kiriyenko, — may be a new Deputy head. This post discusses previously worked in the Kremlin, Boris Rapoport, told RBC three sources close to the Kremlin. Currently, it is necessary in such cases validation, said one of the interlocutors RBC.

Two friends Rapoport describe him as “officer generalist” and “professional operator”.

To go back to work in the Kremlin Rapoport suggested the head of Department on ensuring activities of the state Council, one of the closest associates of Sergei Kiriyenko, Alexander Kharichev, adds one of the sources close to the presidential administration. Another source of RBC says that Kharichev knows Rapoport. Kharichev worked in the Kremlin as Deputy head of Department of internal policy (Ohr) in 2006-2009, then moved to work in the “Rosatom”, which was then headed by Kiriyenko, and returned with him to the Kremlin once again became the Deputy chief of the Ohr. In June, he headed management on ensuring activities of the state Council.

Four instead of two: how the Kremlin optimization of reinforced Kiriyenko


This office is responsible for preparation of materials for elaboration of state policy in the sphere of socio-economic development of regions. The June decree of Vladimir Putin on the optimization of the structure of the presidential administration cemented a new division of functions: provision of interaction of the President with expert organizations, the monitoring and analysis of social processes, preparation of the meetings of the President and the leadership of the Kremlin administration with experts. After the appointment Kharicheva the head of Department in charge of the division also took over the functions of supervision of the electoral regions for Kharichev answered in the structure of CIP.

Work in the direction of Donetsk

Career Rapoport is largely due to the current assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov and one of his closest colleagues — Oleg Govorun.

Rapoport worked in Ohr in the post of adviser, chief adviser, Deputy head of Department for regional policy in 2009, when the curator of internal policy was Surkov, and appropriate management (internal policy) headed talker. Soon after, Govorun, presidential envoy to the Central Federal district, Rapoport received the position of chief Federal inspector of the device of the Plenipotentiary in Moscow. Later after the Talker, who was appointed Minister of regional development, he moved to the Ministry, as head of the Department of monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the authorities. In December 2012, after the resignation of the talker, Rapoport moved to the government office, becoming the Director of the Department on formation of system “the open government”. The head of the government at that time was Surkov.

In 2014, Rapoport returned to the Kremlin again to work with Surkov and Talker. Surkov, at that time held the position of assistant to the President, who oversees, including the Ukrainian direction, talker was the head of the Department for socioeconomic cooperation with CIS countries, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Rapoport became Deputy talker, at the same time, according to two sources RBC, who worked with the officer, he was one of the curators of the unrecognized DND and LNR, as well as the project “new Russia”. 1 Dec 2014 Rapoport left AP and currently working in the commercial sphere, told RBC two of his friends.

According to two who has worked as the official interlocutors of RBC, he left the office for the combination of reasons and mutual agreement of the parties. “There are several reasons voiced, including health problems. But informally, it was believed that he was not satisfied with the work and it [the dismissal] was a mutual decision. He was tired of the routine, and he got a good offer for a new job,” explained one of the sources.

In addition to the breakaway republics of Donbass Rapoport was in charge of the work of the Kremlin with Ukraine, said both the interlocutor of RBC. “Then at meetings Rapoport and talker, we discussed humanitarian aid, and agitation, and issues of information policy, and work with Ukraine. [Management] had Napoleon’s plans and confidence in what we are doing blitzkrieg in operation “new Russia”. Then all structured — in fact, just the blitzkrieg failed, — said one of the sources of RBC. And Rapoport drove to the office to do routine”.

According to the interlocutor of RBC, Rapoport studied including social payments in the Donbass, the adjustment information policy in the Ukrainian direction and various projects such as the “White book”, which its drafters was positioned as a book “about human rights violations in Ukraine.” The author of the project, political consultant and former leader of the Pro-Russian movement in Kharkiv, Konstantin Dolgov told RBC that after the closing of the “White book” all the achievements were transferred to the Investigative Committee. “Political technologies and information Boris Y. [Rapoport] versed ropes, bribing his personal qualities: efficiency, politeness and sanity,” said RBC Debt.

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