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In Regardie called fake compare prices for the purchase of food for the troops, conducted by the Foundation of the opposition. The FCO has stated that prices are too high. Earlier provider of Regardie complained “Civil control”

Alexei Navalny

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Regardie commented previously published by Alexei Navalny’s investigation, stating that the national guard of Russia buys the products at inflated prices. The politician said that the cost of procurement has increased after the appointment of the company from the Crimea the only supplier for the Department.

The Position Of Regardie

“This kind of “investigation” pseudomoral corruption <…> are deliberately falsified and provocative,” — said Regardie, stressing that the delivery of food for the troops and the provision of services in the field of nutrition is carried out in accordance with applicable law.

A new method suggested by the Ministry of Finance to monitor government spending


The Department believes that the arguments, which lead the authors of the investigation, evidence of their “basic incompetence”. These arguments do not take into account such factors as, for example, seasonality of purchases, the cost of packaging, the costs associated with the examination of food, and costs associated with the transport cost indicated in Regardie.

“The authors compared the prices of vegetables on two state contracts, concluded in December 2017 and June 2018, without taking into account the seasonal factor”, — lead by example in the Department.

Also Regardie pointed out that to compare the cost of juice corresponding to the GOST, and the cost of a juice drink, produced by THE impossible. “It would seem, well, juice and where can there be manipulation? writes Regardie. — Elementary — it is enough to compare the prices of identical goods, but rather, completely different to unproven provoke negative media impact on the public”.

The Department believes the study “failed experiment” in which “more deliberately” did not include factors of production of goods.

Details the Bulk of the investigation

Investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny was published August 23. The publication States that in December 2017, “the exclusive right to supply the products to Regardie without any contests and competition” received the meat processing plant “Druzhba Narodov”. The opposition leader claimed that after adoption of the corresponding resolution of the government of the cost of food purchased for the troops, increased two to three times. The FCO also reported that the total amount of the contracts exceeds RUB 2 billion.

According to system SPARK, the beneficiary of the LLC “Meat processing plant “Druzhba Narodov”, registered in the Crimea, is Boris Kantemirov, CEO Tatiana Mudrik. 99.9% of the meat belongs to “Friendship of peoples”, the beneficiary and owner of which (through the company OOO “UK “Optima-Finance”) is Cantemir. According to FBK Kantemirov — the former head of the Central archive of internal troops of the MIA of Russia (now — Regardie).

Meat processing plant “Druzhba Narodov” failed to provide to RBC online comment.

Case FAS vs. “Friendship of peoples”

Prior to the publication of the Bulk of the investigation on the overpricing meat-packing plant “Friendship of peoples” declared in public organization “Civil control of public procurement”. In December 2017, three days later after the LLC “Meat processing plant “Druzhba Narodov” was defined by the Cabinet as a supplier to Regardie, in public organizations reported inflated pricing from the vendor.

In April, the “Civil control” have addressed this question to the presidential administration, this appeal was forwarded to the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia and Investigative Committee.

The court upheld the claim Navalny was 1 RUB. on the claim Prokhorov


In July 2018 Antimonopoly service initiated a case against the company. “A criminal case against the LLC “Meat processing plant “Friendship of Nations” on the grounds of violation of the legislation in the supply of products for the law enforcement agencies”, — told RBC press service of the FAS Russia. However, the case concerned the supply of company for the Federal penitentiary service and interior Ministry.

“The only supplier “delaying” a decision on irregularities and overpricing, is not required by the control authority information and documents,” claimed then in the organization “Civil control of public procurement”. RBC sent a request to the FAS with a request to clarify what decision was taken in respect of slaughterhouse.

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