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Rosreestr intends to fined “Rostelecom” for the failure that occurred on August 19. Due to the lack of access to storage and processing of data has accumulated more than 180 thousand of outstanding requests to the service

Maxim Oreshkin

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More than 180 thousand applications are unable to process the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography (Rosreestr) in the result of a crash that occurred on 19 August and caused the accident in the data center, leased from Rostelecom. This is stated in the letter from the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin, addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov. A copy of the letter is at RBC, its authenticity was confirmed by a source in the Ministry of economic development.

What to do affected by a failure in the systems of Rosreestr


The letter also reported that the Federal registration service has decided to postpone the transition to provide Rostelecom the management system of the Unified state register of real estate (egrn) 34 regions (to date, the system has been implemented in 49 regions), as well as to apply penalties against the state operator, who improperly performed its obligations under the contract.

The representative of “Rostelecom” declared that the company has fixed a technical glitch in the software of the equipment deployed application systems of Rosreestr. “Take swift measures to address the situation: “Rostelecom” has provided additional backup processing power and memory resources, as well as organized interaction with the customer to ensure operation of the respective systems. The company’s specialists are doing everything they can to prevent similar situations in the future,” he said. Comment on potential fines, as the exact terms of the elimination of consequences of the accident the company refused.

The representative of the Ministry of economic development and press Secretary Maxim Akimov has not responded to a request to RBC at the time of publication.

Fail not under contract

As noted in the letter, the system centralized storage and data processing. These services under the contract, the cost of which is 599,97 million rubles, provided by “Rostelecom”. The company is committed to provide a failover infrastructure (servers, storage, operating systems) and to ensure the availability of computing resources and storage. Serious incidents should be resolved within 4 hours maximum.

However caused by the accident is a failure of the storage system, resulting in a complete shutdown of all servers in the system egrn lasted 66 hours, specified in the letter. Normal operation of the system is still not resumed, and on her full recovery, according to experts of the Russian register, you will need two to three weeks.

As stated in the published August 22 the message of the Federal service for state registration, because of an accident in the data center of “Rostelecom” there was a failure in the system, providing reception and processing of applications for the provision of the public services Department. The efficiency of the data center has been restored, “but in connection with the accumulated number of applications for receipt of state services of rosreestra it is possible to increase the terms of their provision”, warned the Federal registration service.

However, on Tuesday, August 28, the Federal registration service has published a new report, in which he indicated that, despite the measures taken, the complete system operation is still not restored. It was noted that the Agency together with “Rostelecom” it is working around the clock.

“The way of the expeditious exit from the situation was discussed with representatives of Rostelecom, including senior Vice President-development and business management of the company, Vladimir Kiriyenko, during a meeting on 27 August under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of economic development — head of Federal registration service Victoria Abramchenko. During the meeting, as the expected date of recovery of the system the representatives of “Rostelecom” called August 31″, — stated in the message of Federal registration service. The Agency again warned that due to accumulated in the period of the failure cases the timing of the provision of public services can be increased.

Another effects

While access to the system were absent, the office staff “My documents” was “difficult” to accept applications for the provision of public services. “The system has a waiting list of more than 180 thousand applications submitted for purposes of obtaining state services of Rosreestr, which in turn entails the violation established by the legislation of Russia the terms of the state services of Rosreestr”, — the letter says Oreshkin.

As earlier wrote “Kommersant”, as a result of failure of real estate transactions has been frozen in 50 regions of the country.

According to the CEO of the company “Practice success”, the developer of the platform of automation of real estate transactions SmartDeal Alexei Makarov, where customers are also faced with delays in the system of Federal registration service, now the office and “Rostelecom” has created a backup and started the treatment of accumulated from the 19th number of the request queue.

“According to our customers and monitoring our service, the situation really began to improve, and postavenie time processing request information of the egrn in electronic form has been reduced from 3 days to 18-26 hours. Application for registration of the rights near to their average values in most regions do not exceed 5 days,” he said.

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