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The sub went to Gibraltar. American defense Ministry said it planned a technical visit. Earlier this year, Strait on the way to the Mediterranean sea was another submarine of the United States. She participated in coalition strikes on Syria

Photo: Moses Anahory / Gibraltar Chronicle

To the Mediterranean sea came the shock of the multipurpose nuclear submarine of naval forces of the United States Newport News class Los Angeles, according to local national newspaper Gibraltar Chronicle. The submarine, according to her, went to Gibraltar. The Agency “Interfax” with reference to the monitoring of the marine resources of this British overseas territory said that the submarine equipped with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” with a range of 1.6 thousand km.

In the region, as noted by the Gibraltar Chronicle, the submarine was first spotted in the evening on August 30. U.S. Department of defense, commenting on the data, said that it was “a planned technical visit”.

However, the best American submarine in Gibraltar, according to the publication, has not done without incidents. On the eve of the police of Gibraltar the ship was intercepted by Spanish customs ship after he got too close to the submarine, the U.S. Navy, told the newspaper eyewitnesses. Other details of the incident, the publication does not specify, noting however, that the study of the incident to establish the sequence of events, are already engaged in local military officials.

If we classify the incident as a RAID or an invasion, it will certainly lead to a diplomatic protest, said the Gibraltar Chronicle.

This, as the paper notes, is the second submarine of the U.S. Navy, who came to Gibraltar from the beginning of the year. The first in March was an attack nuclear submarine of the Virginia class USS John Warner. Thereafter she passed Gibraltar into the Mediterranean sea, where he took part in a military strike, the Western coalition (United States, United Kingdom and France) against targets in Syria. Then, by the properties in the Arab Republic, according to the publication, released six cruise missiles “Tomahawk”.

Grouping of Russian Navy ships off the coast of Syria. Photo gallery

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On August 27 the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov said that the United States, according to the Russian military, are increasing in the middle East region, the number of carriers of cruise missiles preparing to strike Syria, new attacks. This, as noted by the representative of the Department, the training of the provocations with the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib. About it in the Russian Ministry said last week. Such statements of the Ministry of defense came after Bloomberg published an article that, citing sources reported transferred to the United States to the Russian side the prevention. In it, according to interlocutors of the Agency, said that Washington is ready to strike at Arab Republic another blow in the case that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad would give the order to use against its own people chemical weapons.

The defense Ministry then announced that Russia has deployed off the coast of Syria the most powerful squadron during the conflict. This is then also recorded in NATO. In addition, on August 25 in the Mediterranean sea, as previously stated Konashenkov, entered the USS Ross, with 28 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” on Board. In the Persian Gulf, according to the representative of the Russian Ministry of defense, by the time we went to another American destroyer, The Sullivans, the carrier 56 cruise missiles.

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