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If the Syrian government will attack using chemical weapons and trump will give the order to strike at Arab Republic, prepared by the US intelligence data to promptly handed over to the Pentagon, CNN found out

The Western coalition strike on Syria in April 2018

(Photo: Hassan Ammar / AP)

American experts on military intelligence made a preliminary list of Syrian objects in which, according to them, the Damascus chemical weapons stores and that could be hit if the US President Donald trump would give the order for the new rocket strikes. About this CNN said several American officials.

Yet, as pointed out by one familiar with the situation of the sides of the channel, the decision about new strikes against Arab Republic is not accepted. However, the U.S. military, according to him, “can very quickly respond” if the Syrian government will attack using chemical weapons. In this case, as noted by the source CNN, immediately after receiving the corresponding order from the President of the United States collected data on the alleged order will give the Pentagon.

American officials, according to interlocutors of the channel, is very concerned that the Syrian government forces are advancing towards the stronghold of the local opposition — Idlib. There, according to sources CNN, the military can use against the rebels of chemical weapons if the opposition will have a resistance and will slow down their progress in the province.

Over the last few weeks the forces of Bashar al-Assad moved closer to the Idlib military helicopters, told channel two sources in the defense sector. USA, as pointed out in this connection the interlocutors CNN, concerned that eventually this technique may be used for carrying out chemical attacks using bombs filled with chlorine.

Attack nuclear submarine came to the Mediterranean sea


In addition to this concern, Washington, as found by the channel, is the fact that an armed attack Syrian forces in the city could lead to thousands of victims. And this, as emphasized by interlocutors CNN, will only exacerbate the humanitarian crisis along the border between Syria and Turkey.

The situation in the Syrian region continues to deteriorate amid reports that the US is ready to strike at Arab Republic of another strike if the Bashar al-Assad give the order to use against opponents of his regime of chemical weapons. About it wrote on August 24, citing its sources, Bloomberg, the us has already warned Russia.

Grouping of Russian Navy ships off the coast of Syria. Photo gallery

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Moscow, in response, said that, according to her, in Syria, specially trained fighters with British intelligence is preparing a dramatization of himataki. That being said, the Russian defense Ministry, the Western countries will try to use in order to inflict on Syria a blow. In response to this, Russia said it has deployed off the coast of Syria the most powerful squadron during the conflict. It also drew attention to NATO.

The US, meanwhile, pulled in a region destroyer Ross with 28 cruise missiles “Tomahawk” on Board the destroyer The Sullivans, carrying 56 cruise missiles, percussion multipurpose nuclear submarine Newport News class of Los Angeles and other military equipment.

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