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Mothers of three or four children, according to the initiative of the President will be able to retire in three or four years before the General retirement age. The first benefit will benefit women’s 1965-1966 birth

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“We must provide for the right of early retirement for mothers of large families, that is, if a woman has three children, then she will be able to retire three years early, if four children four years earlier. And for women who have five or more children, everything should stay as it is now and they can retire at 50 years” — as formulated by President Vladimir Putin one of his proposals on mitigation of pension reform of the government. The wording left uncertainty as the right to early retirement will apply during the transitional period, a gradual increase in the retirement age for women.

Early retirement will be considered 60 years from final retirement age for women not from a transition since 56 years, said RBC in the Secretariat of Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

Women who had three or four children, will be eligible to retire at age 57 or 56, respectively. Thus, for the first time the benefit is granted to women in 1965, who have four children and they can retire in 2021 — a year ahead of peers who have less than four children.

The following can avail women born in 1966 with four children in 2022; then women of the same birth year, but with three children in 2023, and so on (see table).

As reported Golikova at a press conference on 31 August, the total number of women with three or four children who will be able to retire early, in the period up to 2024, inclusive, is estimated at 760 thousand In 2025-2035 years the number of such mothers will be 2.5 million Benefit for early retirement will apply to women as with the family and with foster children.

Under current law, the mother of five children can retire at 50 years, subject to the availability of work experience at least 15 years. This provision of the law does not change, Putin said. According Golikova, Russia is now 7.5 thousand women who have five or more children, and they will be able to retire early, in 2019.

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