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The leadership of the Sevastopol shipyard has filed a lawsuit for defamation by the Governor of the city. In the office of the Governor say that the plant does not pay the rent and does not compensate for the loss of state property

Dmitry Ovsyannikov

(Photo: Vasiliy Batanov / RIA Novosti)

The management of the shipyard “South Sevastopol” has filed a lawsuit in the Central district court of Simferopol on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation against the Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, who has previously called the management company scams. About it RBC said the General Director of the plant Patimat Aliyeva.

“Previously, the newspaper “New Sevastopol” published a news, which quoted Ovsyannikov said at a meeting of the Council of entrepreneurs of the city, then he called us crazy scams that only make that cry,” said Aliyev in an interview with RBC

The CEO admitted that the claim to Ovsyannikov as co-defendants will be attracted by the media that published the words of the Governor.

Between the company and the authorities of Sevastopol more than a year to go to trial on the amount that the plant needs the city for a rental in the period of ownership of the Crimea to Ukraine assets. According to SPARK, in 2015 the shipyard “South Sevastopol” through OOO “Yanata” controls Chechen businessman Rahimuddin Dadaev. In Russia, the company has received wide acclaim a year ago after a visit to his daughter, the press Secretary of the President of the Elizabeth Sand, which told about the difficult situation in the company and in the shipbuilding industry. Trip the Sand was organized by the business Association “Avanti” Umar Dzhabrailov.

In a press-service of the Governor of Sevastopol RBC said Ovsyannikov has not received the claim. “However, earlier, in April, 2018, the Governor of the city of Sevastopol in respect of the General Director of shipyard “South Sevastopol” Patimat Aliyeva filed a statement to law enforcement. Criminal case”, — said there.

In the office of the Governor also insist that the decisions of arbitration courts confirmed the facts of non-payment of ship repair plant for rental payments and loss of state property, which causes the termination of the lease. “The claim of Department of property and land relations of the city of Sevastopol to recover from the specified organization in debt for the lease in the amount of 117 million rubles is pending in court. Another 25 million rubles. current debts while the court is not presented. According to information posted on the official website of the Federal bailiff service in respect of enterprises is already underway ten enforcement proceedings aimed to enforce the debt”, — told RBC representatives of the regional authorities.

Aliyev, in turn, told RBC that he had received from the police not to Institute criminal proceedings. According to her, the plant was repaid in 2015, the debts of previous tenants for the Ukrainian period, the workers, budget and customers in the amount of 30 million rubles. With those about the company invested in the modernization of more than 70 million rubles, formed the backlog of orders, says the Director of the company. Aliyev stressed that in the course of proceedings in the arbitration, the court reduced the financial claims of the city authorities to the plant.

This is one of the conflicts in Sevastopol between the Executive and the business, said RBC head of the expert group “Crimean project” Igor Ryabov: “the Task of the Governor is to repay numerous conflicts. It attracts business to the dialogue. Most importantly, do it not selectively”.

Potential investors still see a squabble between the government of Sevastopol and the business in the absence of specific rules of the game, said Oleg Nikolayev, the Chairman of the Sevastopol branch of “Business Russia” and the former head of “Corporation of development of Sevastopol”.

Ovsyannikov was appointed acting Governor of Sevastopol in July 2016 instead of Sergey meniailo. In September 2017, he won the direct election with 71% of votes in the city.

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