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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has proposed to rename one of the streets in the South of the Ukrainian capital in honor of the deceased us Senator John McCain

Petro Poroshenko

(Photo: Tatyana Zenkovich / EPA / TASS)

Poroshenko proposes to rename the street Ivan Curls in honor of Senator John McCain, who died August 25. About it reports UNIAN with reference to the representative of Poroshenko in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko.

The President of Ukraine has already handed in a petition to the city Council of Kiev. “The President calls and asks for a parliamentary faction to support his appeal to the Kyiv city Council to rename the street Ivan Curls — terrorist, security officer-an operative who acted against the Ukrainian national liberation movement — in the name of Senator John McCain”, — quotes Agency the words Lutsenko.

In parallel with the proposal to name one of streets of Kiev in honor of McCain was made by the faction “people’s front”. Its head Maksym Burbak has found it necessary “to Express our gratitude to the great American who loyally supported Ukraine in the most difficult days and hours.”

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Street Ivana Kudri is located in the southern part of Kiev, in Pechersk district, it runs parallel to the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples. Ivan Kudrya was born in Poltava province of the Russian Empire, in the village of Salkovo (now Kyiv region). Kudrya entered the service of the NKVD in 1934, and in March 1941 he was sent to Kiev. During the great Patriotic war, when Kiev was captured by Nazi forces, the curls stayed in the city for illegal residency, according to the website of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia. Ivan Kudrya as part of subversive groups of the NKVD was involved in the bombings of buildings in the city center — mostly in the capital.

During the work of the scout failed to disclose 87 of the German agents. Kudrya was arrested after being denounced in 1942 and executed.

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In Ukraine, Curls considered a fighter with the Ukrainian liberation movement. Thus, the article from 2007 in the Ukrainian magazine “Fatherland” claimed that Ukrainian nationalists Omelian Senyk and Mykola Scyborsky were killed in August 1941 during operation of the NKVD, one of which heads was Ivan Kudrya (another version says that competitors eliminated Bandera).

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