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The President’s message on pension reform was viewed by 10% of respondents and 61.6 per cent of those who had television at this moment. The most popular this year the audience can stream the match 1/4 finals of the world Cup Russia — Croatia

Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

In a televised address of President Vladimir Putin’s pension reform was watched by almost 10% (total rating events), residents of large Russian cities over four years and 61,6% (total share) those who have at this point the TV’s. This is evidenced by data research company Mediascope. In absolute terms, the TV audience a half-hour of the President’s speech amounted to 6.8 million Russians.

Putin’s address began at noon on Wednesday, August 29. To follow a half-hour at the President’s speech, the Russians were able to broadcast the eight television channels — “First channel” “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, NTV, “the Fifth channel” and REN-TV, TVTS, Zvezda. Moscow residents could also watch it live on “Moscow 24” and “360°”.

The greatest number of spectators gathered at their screens “the First channel”. For the President’s speech, in which he announced the commutation of the pension reform, according to Mediascope, the air of the broadcaster was watched by 2.3 million residents of cities are more than four years, or 3.3% (ranking) of the total number of residents and 20.6% (share) of those who at the time was the TV. The smallest audience was gathered in the stream of the President’s speech on the TV channel “Star”: 184 thousand Russians of this age, the ratings are totaled 0.3%, the share of 1.7%.

Despite the importance of the topic, which was dedicated to the televised address of the President, his statement became the most popular event of the year for Russians. The championship still belongs to the match held in Russia in June-July world Cup football match between Russia and Croatia. Teams of these countries met on 7 July in the 1/4 finals of the world Cup, at the end of the penalty shoot-out victory went to the team hotel. Playing the air of “First channel” was watched by 14 million Russians, rating broadcasts, as follows from the data of Mediascope, amounted to 20.2%, the share of 63.6%.

Meanwhile, Putin’s televised address on pension reform was more popular with viewers than his own direct line June 7: her audience was equal to 5.8 million Russians, the rating is 8.3%, the proportion was 50%. In a televised address on August 29, the President launched an initiative on the mitigation of the parameters of the pension reform: in particular, to raise the retirement age for women to 60 instead of 63, as previously proposed by the government. The President also suggested to establish a number of benefits for mothers of large families and those approaching retirement age.

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