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Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin’s relations with the EU are in a “frozen state” is not on Moscow’s initiative. He was commenting on a statement by the Emmanuel Macron about the dream of the President of Russia to destroy the EU

Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel macron

(Photo: Dmitry Lovetskiy / Reuters)

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the statement of the French leader of Emmanuel Macron that Vladimir Putin wants to destroy the European Union, said that the Russian President supports with his colleague from Paris “good personal relationship”, but has differences with him on some “sensitive issues”, the correspondent of RBC.

In terms of respect for the Russian President meets the Makron in return, noticed Sands.

Macron spoke about the dream of Putin is to destroy the EU


“With regard to the attitude of President Putin to the EU, we unfortunately see that on the initiative of Russia, these relations are in a pretty frozen state”, — concluded the spokesman.

Peskov said that the current state of relations between European countries and Russia against the interests of all parties. According to him, Moscow is ready to go to the revival of the relations, if such a desire exists in Europe. He stressed that on some issues, the cooperation continued, for example in terms of energy.

The EU is the main trading partner of Russia, Peskov said, adding that in terms of it rapidly comes on the heels of China. “We are interested in the space of the European Union was developing, prosperous, predictable and stable”, — concluded the spokesman.

Earlier in interview to the Swedish TV channel SVT, the French President said that Putin dreams of “dismantling” the single European Union. He stressed that the Russian leader respects and believes that only together with Moscow to build a new architecture of international security. However, with this, noticed the Makron, the policy of Russia is not a role model.

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