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The old ATMs were attacked by the fraudsters — the manufacturer warned of a massive injection of five thousandth bills. Because of this, many banks have found “Vedomosti” stopped to take in a vulnerable ATMs of banknotes of such denomination

Photo: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

Last week, the popular manufacturer of ATMs NCR in Russia warned of a credit institution about the massive stuffing ATMs fake banknotes of 5 thousand rubles, told the newspaper “Vedomosti” employees of two major banks. Stuffing, according to them, affected only the old ATMs, which no modern devices to check banknotes.

In this regard, according to the publication, a credit institution instead of a long migration of the software agreed to take in a vulnerable ATMs of banknotes of such denomination.

The total amount of damages due to problems the interlocutors of the newspaper called difficult (encashed yet not all ATMs). However, in this case, according to their estimates, is about several million rubles of losses to the Bank.

Now the scammers, as pointed out in an interview with the publication, one of the sources of the newspaper, to catch will be difficult. The cashier counterfeit banknotes are shuffled with these, so we can’t tell what card they were enrolled, is not easy. In order to identify the attackers, law enforcement officials, according to the interlocutor of “sheets” have at least watched surveillance video.

In NCR on the request of the newspaper not answered. The head of Department of maintenance of the network of devices of self-service of the Moscow credit Bank (ICB) Andrew Strom, commenting on this information, said monitoring system this financial institution was able to identify the problem before the banks warned the manufacturer of ATMs. The vulnerability, according to him, have affected less than 5% of the ATMs ICD. The details about this issue, Strom did not disclose.

Alfa-Bank edition confirmed the fact of receiving warning letters from NCR. Then, as pointed out in an interview with the publication, the representative of the credit institution, the Bank stopped taking cash in all 18 of their vulnerable ATMs (0.5% of the network). According to the test results, as assured, Alfa-Bank, any counterfeit banknotes were identified by the experts.

In a similar way acted in “the Opening”, told “Vedomosti” Director of information security Department of the Bank Vladimir Zhuravlev. About the problem in the Bank, according to him, learned from MasterCard and interbank community (letters from NCR, the credit institution has not received). Crooks, as noted by Zhuravlev, acting in the Moscow region (“Open” NCR 36 ATMs). After information about the vulnerability of the Bank ceased to accept banknotes of 5 thousand rubles., while the results of verification of counterfeit banknotes in their ATMs “Discovery” is not found.

The NCR ATMs of VTB, Promsvyazbank and Post Bank, as assured publishing their representatives, protected and counterfeit banknotes are not accepted. In the savings Bank on the request of the newspaper not answered.

The Central Bank, reacting to this information, recalled only that financial institutions must report to the regulator about such problems within ten days.

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