“The Ministry of sports of Russia proposed to raise the Olympic payments by more than 60%

– The Ministry of sports of Russia provides more than 60% increase in payments to athletes and coaches in the sports programs of the Olympics, the Paralympics and Cordoned.

The corresponding changes in the decree of the President proposes to make the MST. The draft amendments are posted on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

Currently 3000 paid monthly scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation to the athletes, coaches and other specialists of sports national teams of Russia on sports included in the Olympic games, Paralympic games and Deaflympics, the Olympic Champions, Paralympic games and Deaflympics $ 32 thousand rubles. 500 paid to those who participated in the Paralympics/Coordinado.

The size of all the presidential scholarships for athletes is proposed to increase to 52 thousand rubles a month.

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