Trump will contest the publication of the results of the investigation, “the Russian intervention” Policy:::: RBC

The lawyer of the President of the United States noted that the decision about publication of the report should take part in the U.S. Department of justice. If Robert Mueller decides to publish the full results of the investigation, the team, trump will protest this

Donald Trump

(Photo: Chris Wattie / Reuters)

The lawyers of U.S. President Donald trump intends to appeal against the full publication of the results of the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller about the alleged Russian interference in the elections of 2016. About it in conversation with the publication The New Yorker said one of the lawyers of the American leader, former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

According to him, initially the White house counsel agreed with the team Mueller about what trump should be able to challenge the results of the report. To a journalist’s question whether the Bush administration intends to go for it, Giuliani said: “I am convinced that Yes.”

The publication reminds that in accordance with the laws of the United States, spectracolor must provide the results of its investigation to the Deputy Minister of justice and attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which, in turn, will determine whether to publish the report and whether to publish it or hiding from the public some of the facts. The journal emphasizes that in the end the decision is by trump, because it can give an indication of Rosenstein.

Spectacular Robert Muller for almost a year and a half trying to prove that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 and influenced their outcome, as well as to find traces of the collusion team trump with the Kremlin. To date, the team of spectacular so far failed to reveal any evidence of this. Simultaneously, the committees on intelligence of the Senate and house of representatives came to the conclusion that Russia really had an impact on elections, but no conspiracy trump with Moscow was not. Russia has repeatedly denied at the highest levels of all charges in their favor in this case.

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