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With a leading weekly current Affairs program “Sunday time” on “the First channel” Valery Fadeyev did not renew the contract, found RBC. Fadeev has replaced on this post Irada Zeynalov in 2016

Valery Fadeev

(Photo: Anton novoderezhkin / TASS)

“The first channel” has not renewed the contract with the host of the program “Sunday time” Valery Fadeyev. This was reported by RBC source in the media market, the press service of the “First channel” RBC said that Fadeyev really will no longer the host of the program “Sunday time”.

“Valery Fadeev wants to focus on work in the Public chamber and have been told that a TV show takes him too much time”, — have informed RBC in the press service of the channel, noting that he agreed with Fadeev that it will remain a leading the final Sunday program “until the end of last season.”

“We thank Valery Fadeev for working with us and are always happy to see him on our air,” — said the press service.

At the time of publication notes Fadeev was unavailable for communication.

Prior to joining Fadeev on “the First channel” Sunday times 2012 led Irada Zeynalova.

Valery Fadeev from 1998 to 2017 was also the chief editor of the journal “Expert” and co-owner of the eponymous media holding. In July 2017 he sold a stake in the media holding to the other shareholder Bank VEB and resigned as chief editor, left the magazine as a columnist.

In the summer of 2017 – was elected Secretary of the Public chamber. He was the only candidate for the post and promised to deal with the dependence of regional public chambers from local authorities.

In the OP Fadeev before his election to the post of Secretary was not a rookie in 2005 became a co-author of the law “About Public chamber”, was a member of the first, second and third convocation (now working OP of the sixth convocation).

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