Former top managers of “Otkrytie” returned to the Bank 840 mln :: Finance :: RBC

According to the head of “FC Opening” Mikhail Zadornov, the Bank managed to achieve voluntary return of the greater part paid before the introduction of the interim administration of bonuses

Photo: Andrew Lubimov / RBC

Left “FC Opening” after the beginning of the reorganization of the Bank, top executives voluntarily returned 840 million rubles., previously paid to them in bonuses, told reporters the current head of “FC Opening” Mikhail Zadornov.

“From 1,418 billion of bonuses paid to the managers and the Board of Directors in August of last year in several techniques, now voluntarily, by negotiation, returned to the Bank and state, because there was income tax paid of approximately 840 million rubles. Almost two-thirds of this amount,” — said Zadornov (quoted by TASS).

According to Zadornov, the Bank continues to negotiate the return of the balance bonus in the amount of RUB 578 million and expects to achieve a voluntary return of these funds. In the case of failure of negotiations the Bank, as noted Zadornov, will achieve their goals “through judicial decisions.”

23 Aug “FC Opening” has already been filed by nine of his former top managers of the lawsuits demanding the return of illegally paid bonuses. However, the production on these claims has not yet started.

Payments that are received by the former top-Manager of “FC Opening” before the reorganization, it became known shortly after the introduction of the interim administration at the end of August 2017. According to the Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev in the last month before the reorganization of the management of the Bank prematurely paid bonuses to many employees, in some cases, the bonus amount was 50 million rubles and 100 million rubles.

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