“RPL has condemned the possibility of transfer of matches with built world Cup arena in Rostov

In the League fear that after the concert Basta, the field will not recover and the club “Rostov” will play on the old less capacious stadium

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– Russian Premier League reacted to the appeared September 4 on the website of “Rostov” statement on possible postponement of home matches of the club from the stadium “Rostov arena” reserve stadium “Olimp-2” in connection with the threat of damage to the football field as a result of on it concert on 29 September 2018.

As noted in the statement of RPL, the performance of “Rostov” on the new home stadium is one of the best examples of quality implementation of the program “Heritage” for the football world Cup.

“Currently, the steadily increasing attendance at home matches of the team, the real subscription program more than 12 thousand people, launched a large-scale information support and loyalty program. The average attendance of matches “Rostov” in season 2018-2019, is more than 30 thousand people, the last match with “ruby” was watched by more than 40 thousand spectators”, – reads the statement of the League.

“Rostov arena” was founded in 2012. Capacity – 45,000 people. The stadium hosted matches of the 2018 world Cup.

As emphasized in the concept of heritage for the world Cup, “12 upgraded and newly built stadiums will be used primarily for their intended purpose”.

While RPL recalls that after conducting the concerts of the field for a long time recovering and may not meet the standards of a few weeks. In this regard, the entertainment events at the sports arenas are conducted during periods of long breaks between matches, and conduct concert events in the midst of football season is extremely risky.

“It is possible to transfer matches at the reserve stadium will cause significant damage to the reputation and economic stability of the club and the whole Premier League”, – underlined in the message.

On the eve of the Rostov issued a statement which said that in spite of all the objections of the leadership of the football club, “Sport-In” managing “growth Arena”, decided to hold at the new stadium concert event on September 29. In the framework of the concert stage and dance floor will be installed directly on the football field.

In the case of serious damage to the lawn of the new arena all subsequent home matches “Rostov” will spend at stadium “the Olympus-2”, which gives three times the capacity of the “growth Stage.” Home match “Rostov” — “Moscow” September 22 could be the last match the yellow-Blues at the stadium “arena Rostov” in this season.

As the posters of the events of September 29 on “growth Stage” is planned to organize the concert of rap artist Busta.

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