“Steven Seagal and Kevin spacey did not press charges for rape

Actors suspected of sexual crimes, allegedly committed in the early 1990s, other an alleged rape investigation continues

Kevin spacey and Stephen Sigafoo: AP/TASS

– The district attorney of Los Angeles will not file formal charges of sexual harassment and rape Hollywood actors Steven Seagal and Kevin spacey, reports The New York Times.

A winner of two awards “Oscar” Kevin spacey suspect in series of sexual harassment, the first accusations against him was launched last fall. In this case we are talking about the incident in 1992, when he allegedly attacked a man in West Hollywood. However, the Statute of limitations on this alleged crime has expired, so the charges against spacey won’t be shown.

However, the Prosecutor’s office continues investigation of other points.

In relation to Segal charges that he allegedly molested the girl in 1993. The Statute of limitations in this case also expired. But, as in the case of spacey, against Seagal continues to investigate other suspicions.

The NYT reminds that recently also recently accused of sexual harassment was the actor of the TV series “Blackish” (Black-ish) Anthony Anderson. He was not formally charged in connection with a lack of evidence.

In early October, in Hollywood, a scandal erupted around producer Harvey Weinstein, who after exposing publications in the newspaper was accused of sexual harassment by several Actresses of the first magnitude. After that, the world of show business, and even beyond, a wave of revelatory confession about the harassment.

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