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The Russian security Council gathered with Russian ministries and state companies ‘ proposals to protect the economy from sanctions of the United States, found RBC. Last month new sanctions the state Department’s sanctions and threats of the Congress led to the collapse of the ruble

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The security Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin, is preparing a consolidated plan, the Russian response to new sanctions and sanctions initiative in the USA, found RBC. Among those who made the initiative for the protection from the sanctions — Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of industry and trade, the Central Bank, Vnesheconombank, rostec, the industry monopoly, told RBC a source close to the security Council, and confirmed by the source in one of the structures, preparing the proposals.

The press service of the security Council declined to comment, noting that “periodically, the apparatus of the security Council and the experts Council to discuss measures to ensure national priorities in the sphere of economy”. RBC sent requests to these agencies and companies.

As sanctions weakened the dependence of the ruble on the price of oil


Among the discussed initiatives in the field of international law, the inclusion in the treaties of Russia with other States in the paragraph about the inadmissibility of the use of the norms of American law, says the source of RBC, and in international commercial agreements — clause on the inadmissibility of the justification of force majeure by U.S. sanctions. This is an attempt to defend itself against Institute secondary (extraterritorial) sanctions USA, which traditionally was used against Cuba or Iran, but with the adoption of the law CAATSA threatened by the Russian contractors. For example, the sanctions now threaten any foreign buyers of Russian weapons, as recently again warned the state Department.

We also discuss the priority of procurement do not fall yet under us sanctions technology, the possibility of developing an alternative international payment systems based on quantum technologies.

One idea is the rapid development of projects in the field of road transport infrastructure in order to provide a stable domestic demand for exports may suffer because of the sanctions — for example, metals.

After the July summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald trump, the us Congress, unhappy with attempts by trump to improve cooperation with Moscow, initiated a new bill to strengthen anti-Russian sanctions. In early August, a group of senators submitted a draft Act on the protection of U.S. security from the aggression of the Kremlin (DASKAA), which provoked the fall of the ruble. One of the points of the bill — the threat of blocking the accounts and assets of Russian banks. August 23, Republican Senator Cory Gardner and democratic Senator Chris coons has introduced a bill (S. 3378), which gives the U.S. President the right to impose sanctions against a foreign state for cyber attacks (in the preamble of the document mentioned Russia, China, Iran and North Korea). Since the beginning of 2018, the U.S. Congress was made more than a dozen bills with new sanctions against Russia, follows from the data GovTrack.

Putin discussed with the security Council the results of the meeting with trump


The security Council has already held a meeting on August 10, discussed “possible new unfriendly steps by Washington in the form of trade restrictions”, reported the press service of the Kremlin. This happened after the US state Department announced the imposition of additional restrictions on exports to Russia dual-use goods in connection with the application in the UK of toxic substances “Beginner”.

Previously, the plan to reduce the impact of the sanctions was prepared by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry also has a special Department for combating sanctions. Measures to protect the economy from sanctions is needed, said on 5 September the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin. “In connection with some risk, of course, you need to take steps that would alleviate these risks. — Kudrin has told, answering the question of RBC. — The government has prepared measures, but have not yet been announced, so I don’t want to guess. The government systematically works on it.”

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