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On Wednesday, British police have named the suspects in the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal. London considers them Russian citizens. What you write about the events to foreign media — a review of RBC

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The Times, UK

The article of the columnist of the newspaper, historian Ben MacIntyre

“The case of Litvinenko (Alexander Litvinenko — a former KGB officer, died in London in 2006 from poisoning by radioactive polonium-210. London was charged in his murder of the businessman, now a state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi. — RBC) are different, and in important moments: one was an outspoken critic of the Putin regime, investigated and exposed the corruption. Skripal and lived quietly and, moreover, was in Britain as a result of the exchange.

After the poisoning in Salisbury, Russia has issued more than 30 “explanation”: the classic demonstration of the Stalinist technique of disinformation, known as masking, which is designed to sow confusion and uncertainty. Britain, despite this, had the same story: Russia is behind the attack. <…>

But the statement about the guilt of Russia hides a lot of questions: who was the poisoner, was given permission by the Kremlin, and why now? <…>

The failed attack caused enormous damage to Russian intelligence, leading to the expulsion 153 diplomats suspected of espionage: the large-scale expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history. Russia will need years to restore their ability to gather intelligence.

The apparent sloppiness of the attack seems contrary to the version of the attempt, organised on a state level. Some analysts believe it more likely that Skripal was the purpose of former or current officers of the GRU, working in the atmosphere where such actions if not actively directed the Putin regime, are tolerated”.

The Washington Post, USA

“President Vladimir Putin periodically declares intentions to make Russia great again and craves respect, which, he says, was lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But such deadly groups operating on foreign soil — an insult to the States that abide by the laws and international norms. Mr Putin, a KGB veteran, should be judged by deeds, but not words. It was funded by the state, murder, self-assured work, a tribute to the tactics adopted on his old service in the KGB, which once contributed to the murder of Bulgarian dissident on a London street with rezinovoj pill in the tip of the umbrella (Bulgarian writer and dissident Georgi Markov was assassinated in London in 1978, the killer was never found. — RBC). <…>

After Litvinenko’s death the Kingdom has not done enough to ensure something like this never happens again. Now it happened, and the responsibility must comply with this brazen banditry.”

Choked on meat: one of the Russians accused of treason and how it ended

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The Guardian, UK

“The statement Theresa may that, in the opinion of the UK, with poisoning as a Novice in Salisbury is the Russian military intelligence, attracts unwanted attention to one of the secret services of Russia. <…>

How to look suspects in the poisoning Skrobala. Photo gallery

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The secret service, where he worked as poisoned in Salisbury Novice Sergei Skripal, performs tasks of military intelligence and conducts covert operations abroad.

For decades, the military intelligence of the USSR supported the existence of parallel networks of agents and deep cover illegals operating abroad under the control of the KGB. <…> When the Soviet Union collapsed, espionage operations of the KGB abroad were transferred to another structure, SVR, and military intelligence, or GRU, has received a separate status. <…>

What threatens Moscow charges of “GRU” in the poisoning Skrobala


GRU (renamed the Main Directorate of the General staff in 2010. — RBC) was found guilty of hacking hacking information ahead of the election in the US in 2016. A recent accusation published by the team of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, appear the names of 12 people, without a doubt, the GRU officers, who were involved in the alleged hacking and the dissemination of information from email to the US Democratic party. As operation in the United States, poisoning Novice correspond to already known models of operations GRU: inventive and bold, but did not go unnoticed by the countries to which they are directed.”

The Wall Street Journal, USA

“<…> the charges make no difference, because Russia refuses to extradite its citizens, and Britain didn’t even ask her about it. The most effective responses are those that Britain and its allies are already taking serious financial sanctions against the corrupt regime of Putin.

New details show the community why it is so important these sanctions. The Kremlin is not just demonstrated criminal ruthlessness towards the ex-spy. He also showed complete indifference to the safety of innocent people who may suffer from the “Newbie” — and suffered (a policeman and two residents of Amesbury). All those who rode in the same train with the Russian killers, and all those who may be close to Putin’s henchmen in the future, should be interested in maintaining these sanctions.”

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