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The UK authorities stated that the attack on Skrobala are two Russians, officers of the Russian military intelligence. These charges will hamper cooperation between the two countries in combating terrorism, and possible strengthening of sanctions

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Suspected poisoning — “GRU officers”

British police on Wednesday, September 5, called the main suspects in the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal. Citizens of Russia Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov, they “presumably for 40 years,” the statement said. Police said the names can be fake, even though the suspects had authentic Russian passports.

Living in Britain, former GRU officer Sergey Skripal, who was convicted in Russia under the article on treason, and came to him to visit daughter Julia on March 4, was discovered unconscious in British Salisbury. They were hospitalized and survived, the investigation found that Skrypali have been exposed to nerve agents of the “Newbie”.

In the investigation were involved 250 detectives, they reviewed 11 thousand hours of video footage from cameras installed in public places, said British Prime Minister Theresa may on 5 September in Parliament.

The media learned about the involvement of “case Skrypalia” “unique” detectives


“Prosecutors from the Department for combating terrorism of the crown prosecution service reviewed the evidence and found that there were reasonable grounds for conviction and the public interest the prosecution of Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirova, Russian citizens, on the following counts: conspiracy to murder Sergei Skripal, attempted murder Sergei Skripal, Julia Skripal and nick Bailey, the use and possession of “Newcomer” that violates the chemical weapons act, and intentional serious bodily injury Yulia Skripal and nick Bailey,” — said in another statement released by the Royal prosecution service of England and Wales.

Both suspects were officers of the Russian GRU (Main administration of the General staff of the armed forces, is responsible for foreign intelligence), in support of this was collected sufficient evidence to the intelligence services of Britain, also said Mei. Their actions in Salisbury was “almost certainly approved at a higher level than the GRU,” said the Prime Minister.

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of defence with the request to comment on the statements may suspects of belonging to the Russian military intelligence.

Mei named suspects in the poisoning Skrobala employees FCU


The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said RBC that the British police published pictures and the names of the suspects “nothing to say” the foreign Ministry. This is also stated by the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov. “These, as you say, “data”, they are not data, but it is unclear” — said the assistant to the President journalists (quoted by TASS).

That Petrov and Bashirov did in London and Salisbury

British police on 5 September published the footage from the security cameras which tracked the route of Petrov and Bashirova. According to police, on Friday afternoon, March 2, they flew from Sheremetyevo to London Gatwick flight “Aeroflot” SU 2588. From there they went to the hotel City Stay Hotel, which is located in East London. They spent the rest of the day. In the hotel the police found traces of the “Newbie”.

March 3, suspects rode the subway to Waterloo station, where boarded the train and went to Salisbury, where he spent a few hours and in the evening returned to London. Police believe Peters and Bashirov went to scout the area. The next day, March 4, Petrov and Bashirov again went to Salisbury. About 12 days they hit the camera lens at the gas station a few minutes walk from Christie Milton road — the street on which he lived Skripal. Police believe that the footage of the shooting of Petrov and Bashirov go to the house Sergei Skripal. A few hours later at 16:15, Skripal and his daughter will find unconscious on a bench near the shopping centre Maltings.

Suspects in 18:30 arrived in Heathrow airport at 22:30 and flew to Moscow by Aeroflot SU 2585.

“Fontanka” told details about the suspects in the poisoning Skripal


RBC has directed in “Aeroflot” with the request to confirm that on both these flights were registered passengers with such names. The press service of the airline refused from comments, RBC advised to contact the FSB.

How to look suspects in the poisoning Skrobala. Photo gallery

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Photo gallery

“Beginner” that did it twice

British police also said that unites into one the investigation of the assassination of Skrobala in Salisbury and events in Amesbury. 30 June in Amesbury, which is a few miles from Salisbury, unconscious was discovered by the British Charlie Rowley and dawn Sturges. Police later reported that they, like Skrypali, was poisoned as a Novice. Sturges died Sunday, July 8, Rowley has survived. On 4 September, the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) confirmed that Rowley and Sturges really poisoned “Newbie”.

In the Rowley house, investigators found a container of toxic substance which imitated a bottle of perfume. According to British law enforcement, Rawley picked him up on the street and carried him home, where “spirits” used Sturgis. On Wednesday, police posted a photo of the bottle is the same shape packaging for Premier Jour by Nina Ricci brand (that is not original packaging, police confirmed to the company), and a special applicator. Capacity was produced specifically for the transport of poison, said the police. It used Petrov and Bashirov to put “Beginner” on the door of the house Skripal, investigators believe.

“We don’t believe that don and Charlie were poisoned deliberately — they were victims of recklessness, with which to get rid of toxic substances”, — stated in the message of the police.

The British office of public Prosecutor has declared that will not appeal to Russia with a request for extradition of the suspects, because the Russian Constitution does not allow extradition of its own citizens. “Russia has made clear it after extradition requests in other cases. In the event of a change in that position will receive the request for extradition,” — said in a statement. Prosecutor’s office has written to the European arrest warrant and a red notice of Interpol (gives the national police of the States members of the organization reason to apprehend internationally wanted person, but not the obligation to do so).

The second poisoning “Rookie” in the UK. Photo gallery

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Whether threatens Russia with new sanctions

The actions of the agents of the GRU — “a threat for all allies and for our citizens”, therefore, the British authorities now focus on countering the Russian military intelligence, promised may. Will apply a “full set of instruments available to the national security services,” she said. She also stated that London will advocate for the extension of the current regime of EU sanctions against Russia, the adoption of a new sanctions regime against those responsible for cyber attacks and the violation of human rights.

Press Secretary Theresa may said that the Prime Minister discussed the attack in Salisbury with U.S. President Donald trump and plans to conduct similar conversations with European leaders to coordinate action against Moscow. At the initiative of the UK on Thursday, a meeting of the UN Security Council.

Mei did not announce new sanctions, as the first intends to discuss this issue with our allies — to seek new restrictions against Russia will not be easy, said in an interview with RBC, senior researcher, Royal Institute for defence studies Shashank Joshi. To achieve the introduction of new anti-Russian sanctions will be difficult given the Pro-Russian stance of the Italian authorities, said the interlocutor of RBC. Even if some sanctions against Russia and will apply, they will wear quite limited, says Joshi. As an example, he cited the possible expulsion from Western countries, the Russian intelligence officers working under official cover, or new sanctions against GRU and his officers.

Currently, GRU and its head Igor Korobov included in the sanctions lists of the USA, the EU sanctions against the intelligence services are not introduced.

Your next steps London will determine, depending on the reaction of the Russian authorities, said General Director of the Russian international Affairs Council (RIAC) Andrei Kortunov. He suggests that the question of toughening anti-Russian sanctions “can be removed on its own”, if Moscow will offer London’s cooperation in identifying suspects and their location. “But if the Russian position will remain the same, we can expect additional sanctions pressure on Russia”, — the expert believes.

New details on the “case Skrypalia” will have an impact on the overall sanctions policy of the West, especially Washington, which in November should enter the second part of a new sanctions package against Russia in connection with the “business Skrypalia” indicates Kortunov. The first part came into effect in August. “The latest news from London work on those in the State Department and the U.S. Treasury in favour of the extension of the sanctions package in more rigid form,” — said the expert.

The intention of London to oppose GRU “all possible means” would complicate bilateral cooperation on intelligence matters, including in the field of counter-terrorism. However, the consequences of the incident with Kripalani is unlikely to affect the process of intelligence sharing between Russia and Britain, says Joshi. “Countries do not have close interaction in this sphere, those channels that are used today, organized by the FSB, and not through GRU”, — he explained.

According to Joshi, the parties will continue to exchange information in the fight against terrorism (in 2015 London gave Moscow is evidence that the crash of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai was a terrorist act), when under the threat there can be people’s lives, cooperation in other areas was limited in any case.

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