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The national team of Russia on football starts in a new tournament created by UEFA

Picture: BarcroftMedia/TASS

The game takes place in Turkey


Gazinskaya hit his head! A strong blow will not succeed, the ball landed in the hands of the goalkeeper


Dzagoev closes the flow kuziaev’s. The ball off the defender’s foot left the confines of the field. A corner again!


The right to a corner won by the Russians!


Not immediately, but the Russians were able to bring the ball from outside his penalty area, and at the same time to organize a counterattack. Before impact, however, is not reached


Right on the corner earned Turkey


The schedule for today. Here, not in Moscow (in Moscow it is necessary to translate arrows on an hour forward)

⚽ Amazing game FIXTURES ⚽on!!!
Which team are you backing to get the biggest win in tonight’s #NationsLeague games? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/rxXYvUPgOH

— UEFA Nations League (@UEFAEURO) September 7, 2018


Kudryashov with Jikia now helped the Turks to part with the ball from our penalty area


Our are often in the attack. Waiting for implementation the moment (and create a moment, however, too)


The players of the national team of Turkey in red


The Russian team is playing in white and does this under the deafening whistle tribune: the Turkish fans are humanitarian to put pressure on the opponent with the ball


However, sometimes I helps a colleague by the name of Mary, for which many thanks to her! For example, she did brilliantly replaced in this match!


In the Russian team changed a lot – the squad, the captain, the rivals. But one thing remains constant: it says match to “Interfax” Vladimir Nardin!


Chief judge – Artur Soares Dias (Portugal)


The match is underway!

Teams out on the field! Turkish fans were allowed in the flight of numerous confetti. And now will sound anthems!

In principle, dark persons could understand it without the description

Shvets and Nabiullin today out of the application pic.twitter.com/BYAAwEUYJR

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 7, 2018

We came at the pre-match warm-up

Our team applauded the stands prior to working 👏 pic.twitter.com/C1rVe1ahOf

— Russian National Team (@TeamRussia) September 7, 2018

We write. Well, let’s see

Russia will lose 0-2.

— spays1956 (@spays19561) September 7, 2018

And here you will learn why now captain of the national team Artem Dzyuba. Not “some” Igor Akinfeev

Cherchesov commented on the appointment of the headlights the captain of team Russia https://t.co/4HGcArc9d0

— Interfax (@interfax_news) September 6, 2018

In this text, you will learn not only the Russian national team, but what is the League of Nations, what kind of phenomenon is in football

Named Russian national team structure on a match with Turkey https://t.co/mYdIriwpKE

— Interfax (@interfax_news) September 7, 2018

The game will take place in Turkey today, and will start at 21:45 Moscow time

“Interfax” offers to your attention a text broadcast of the match of the first round of the group stage of the League of Nations UEFA qualifier between Turkey and Russia!


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