“Usmanov’s representative has denied information on plans to purchase a “Charlton”

– Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov plans to buy the London football club “Charlton”, according to CNBC.

Спорт07 Sep 2018СМИ announced the intention Usmanov to buy English FC “Charlton”Read more

According to (name not specified) a representative of Usmanov, a businessman really plans to invest in an English football club, but not in the “Charlton”.

Earlier media reported that Usmanov, recently parted with his shares of Arsenal, wants to stay in English football and reportedly plans to purchase a “Charlton”.

Currently the owner of “Charlton” is a Belgian Roland Duralite. Four years ago he paid for the club for 14 million pounds, and is now ready to sell him for 20 million In the bargain, the buyer will get and the debts of the club 60 million pounds. But if you have high sporting ambitions, he will have to invest in a “Charlton athletic”, so that for a few years to take him out of the League 1 (third division in English football) to the Premier League, where the team was relegated in the 2006-07 season.

As for Dualite, he was not in awe of the football business. “The football business does not suit me. If you want to lose real money, buy a football club. Investing in football was a mistake in my life,” the Daily Mail quoted the words Duralite.

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