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The U.S. military will conduct exercises in the framework of al-TANF in Syria. They must demonstrate Russia’s capabilities to the US army amid warnings about the preparation of Russian attacks in the same area, according to sources CNN

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Pentagon on the evening of 7 September, has announced the launch of military exercises in the South of Syria. According to CNN, the decision was a response to Russian military action, several times warned the American side about the intention to conduct military operations in the framework of the coalition at al-TANF.

The statement about the beginning of the exercise was published on the Central website of the US military command (CENTCOM). “Our forces will demonstrate the ability of rapid deployment, attacks on the goal together air and ground forces and a fast exfiltration anywhere General area of the joint force Operation Inherent Resolve. Exercises such as this enhance our ability to defeat ISIL and ensure our readiness to respond to any threat to our troops” — presented in the statement of the word bill urban, representative of the U.S. Central command.

According to the CENTCOM statement, the exercise will include “tactical airlift for elements of the size of the company, who will conduct the training and combat shooting”. Partially exercises will be conducted in the area of de-escalation in the 55 km radius from the coalition base At TANF. In CENTCOM stressed that the Russian side informed about the conduct of military exercises.

As reported by CNN sources close to the American military command, the decision on the beginning of the exercises was taken within the framework of the response to the actions of the Russian military, announced the conduct of military operations against militants in the area At Tanfa. These exercises should demonstrate “the forces of Russia and the regime [Assad’s]” the possibility of US forces. That the alleged teachings associated with the actions of the Russian military, said the sources Fox News.

“The Russians have agreed to a de-escalation area within a radius of 34 miles of the garrison of al-TANF, to avoid accidental conflict between our forces and the preservation of specialized communication channels. We expect that the Russians will abide by this agreement,” Fox News also leads the representative of CENTCOM, bill Urbana.

Day 7 Sep broadcaster CNN reported that the Russian military gave the American counterparts in Syria, warning about the preparations for the strike in Syria, which is an American military base of al-TANF. sources told CNN that the warning aroused the concern of the military command in connection with the threat of an escalation of confrontation. “We are strongly advised to stay away from At Tanta, — said the channel one of the sources. We intend to answer.”

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