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In the United States, the court issued a verdict in the case of George Papadopoulos, former adviser to trump in 2016 and person involved in the investigation, “the Russian intervention” in elections. He was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment

Photo: Yuri Gripas / Reuters

The former campaign adviser to candidate Donald trump George Papadopoulos received a prison sentence for perjury by the FBI as part of the case about “Russian intervention”. He was given a sentence of two weeks and a fine of $9.5 thousand, according to Reuters.

In addition, he has 200 hours of compulsory community service, a year he will be on surveillance.

After the announcement of the court verdict Papadopoulos left the courthouse, refusing to comment. However, his relatives said they were satisfied with the judge’s decision. “I am very pleased with this decision. It was true. I would prefer a shorter period, but it’s not terrible. This will give him time to think over what happens”, — quotes Reuters the words of the mother of a convicted Advisor to the headquarters of the trump Kiki Papadopoulos. However, she noted that her son continues to support trump.

At the same time, prosecutors in the trial insisted on imprisonment for Papadopoulos for up to 6 months. Attorney Andrew Goldstein emphasized that the accused, in spite of their statements and did not cooperate with the investigation. “This cannot be called a significant help to a consequence. This is, at best, were the efforts at cooperation,” he said.

Papadopoulos was an Advisor to Donald trump on foreign policy during the election campaign in the United States in 2016. In the course of investigation FBI the case of the “Russian intervention” in the presidential elections, he gave a false statement to agents of the secret service, denying his meetings with Russian officials and not confirming the availability of information about the Russian hackers hacking into the server of the democratic party. However, in 2017, about contacts Papadopoulos with Russian officials, it became known that resulted in his criminal prosecution. In November 2017, he pleaded guilty in a deal with the investigation.

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