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Obama and trump have exchanged sharp comments in the course of the election campaign in the United States. Obama has accused the President of trying to “cash in” on the dissatisfaction of Americans, trump said, he fell asleep during the speech of his predecessor

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Ex-US President Barack Obama issued a sharp criticism of the Republican party and the White house. According to Obama, trump is trying to “cash in on the discontent” of Americans, reports CNN.

Speaking at the University of Illinois, the ex-President pointed to the growing American society, isolation, mentioning, in particular, nationalist sentiments that led to the riots in Charlottesville. “This [the separation] started with Donald trump. It is a consequence, not a cause. He’s just preying on the grievances that the policy swelled over the years. The fear and anger that are rooted in our past, but also stem from the tremendous upheavals that took place in your life once,” said Obama.

The former President of the United States mentioned the existence of “Nazi” attitudes among some sections of American society. “No need to be a Democrat or Republican, to argue that we should not harass people only because of how they look or how they pray. We must rise up against discrimination and give a clear answer to those who are sympathetic to Nazi ideas,” said the ex-President of the United States. According to CNN, these words can be considered a rebuke of trump, refused to expressly condemn nationalists involved in the mess in Charlottesville in the summer of 2017.

Donald trump has yet to comment on Obama’s speech with a joke, calling it very boring. “I watched it, but I fell asleep. I found that [Obama] is very good in order to fall asleep,” joked the US President to his supporters in North Dakota.

Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the policy of his predecessor, accusing him, in particular, the failure of attempts to build relations with Russia. In one of his tweets he accused the previous administration of the White house in a “stupid and dumb” foreign policy that led to the crisis in relations with Moscow.

The controversy of Barack Obama and Donald trump is associated with a political campaign ahead of the midterm elections in the United States. During the elections, scheduled for November 6, the US needs to completely change the composition of the house of representatives and of the senators. In addition, in most States of the country will hold an election of heads of Executive authorities.

The June survey of the research company Pew Research Center showed that most Americans consider Barack Obama the best U.S. President in the modern history of the country. In the first place in the list of heads of state it was placed by 44% of respondents. In second place were bill Clinton, the third – Ronald Reagan. Donald trump, who was considered the best President, only 19% of Americans, was in fourth place.

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